Kaiteki Auspicious Layout 5-Piece Tatami Mat Set

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The Kaiteki Auspicious Layout 5-Piece Tatami Mat Set is artfully crafted in natural rush grass, following the time-tested traditions of the Japanese.

Auspicious 5 Piece Set Layout

In the Edo period of classical Japanese culture, the art of placing Tatami mats in a certain pattern in a home, teahouse, or temple was thought to be auspicious and to bring good fortune. This later came to be known as a Washitsu room or a Japanese style room. When complimented with traditional Japanese items of furniture such as futons and Rice paper lamps, the result produces a sense of natural beauty, harmony, and simplicity all key elements of Japanese home design.

Although today Tatami mats are used in a wide range of places and configurations the traditional “Auspicious” style layout mentioned above confers a balance and sense of harmony and beauty wherever it is placed. It is often used in traditional and modern style homes both in Japan and here in the states to bring balance, order, and an auspicious flow of good luck.

Benefits of Tatami Mats

In addition to the health benefits related to the zero-chemical exposure, our Tatami Mats provide relief from physical strain. When used as floor mats Tatami Mats provide a less impactful surface for walking, kneeling, sitting, or meditating. When used for sleep, Tatami Mats offer a supportive surface with a slight give, helping promote good posture and proper spile alignment without the hardness of a solid floor. Additionally, Tatami Mats help purify the air by absorbing nitrogen dioxide, help regulate moisture by absorbing moisture during periods of high humidity and releasing it back into the air during dry spells, and help control temperature by behaving as a natural insulator.


  • Cleanest, most eco-friendly mats available today
  • Processed and manufactured naturally
  • Natural, renewable materials
  • No toxic pesticide powders or harmful sprays
  • Meets strict JAS, JIS, and USDA standards


Standard Size Mat- 35.5"W x 71"L x 2"H

Half Size Mat- 35.5"W x 35.5"L x 2"H

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