Pearl River Bamboo Rug

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The Gorgeous and Classic style Pearl River Bamboo Rug brought to you by Haiku Designs features a woven traditional bamboo look that you find in many bamboo table mats, wall hangings, and floor coverings. 100% Moso Bamboo

Add a touch of organic upscale elegance to your living room with the gorgeous and unparalleled beauty of the Bamboo Pearl River Rug. A tradition of Asian culture, the bamboo floor mat creates a place to walk, sit, or kneel that is both beautiful and comfortable. By including this rug in your room, you can transform an ordinary indoor space into a living sanctuary that boldly embraces the natural elements found in the environment.Gorgeous vertical and horizontal lines create a perfect pattern for beauty and sophistication in this unique and interesting piece. The unique styling of the Bamboo Pearl River Rug resembles traditional asian window coverings and floor mats. Crafted using 100% Moso Bamboo, this piece has been sourced from its natural habitat in the Anji Mountains Bamboo Gardens. Moso Bamboo is unique in that it becomes fully harvestable within four years, and requires no cultivation or replanting to continue its growth. The organic cotton border is paired with an eco-friendly non-skid back to create the perfectly placed rug that remains steadfast in its position.

  • Sourced from the Bamboo Gardens in the Anji Mountains
  • 100% Moso Natural Bamboo
  • Environmentally Friendly Construction and Materials
  • Organic Mitered Cotton Borders
  • Skid-free rug backing
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