American Graffiti Denim & Jute Rug

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A classic twist on an age-old design, the Jute and Recycled Denim Blend American Graffiti Rug is an elegant example of bringing together the harmony of nature and traditional style.Thisrug exemplifies the nature of environmental responsibility and offers a blend of several natural fibers. Denim is a warp-faced twill cotton which is strong and durable. By using 60% recycled denim the American Graffiti Rug not only reuses elements of nature, but it makes them beautiful once again. Jute is a fiber found in nature which has been cultivated and sustainably harvested by thousands of small farmers in India and Bangladesh. This purchase will look amazing in your eclectic or contemporary home and serves as an environmentally responsible choice.

Not only is this rug a benefit to humanity and renewable resources in nature, it is also a handsome piece that you will be proud to display. Interweaving the colors of earthen beauty found in jute with naturally dyed wool blends to create a bold collection of colors in whites, earthen tones, blues, and grays. This is a great mix of horizontally woven cool an warm colors that blends exceptionally. Choose the Jute and Wool Blend American Graffiti Rug to bring beauty and nature into your home.

  • 100% Natural and Organic Jute (40%) and Denim Cotton (60%)
  • Minimal Noxious Gasses
  • Natural golden shine
  • High tensile strength
  • Handloom Woven
  • Breathable and Moisture Resistant
  • Responsibly Harvested from Sustainable Sources
  • Gorgeous blend of blues, grays, and Natural fibers

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