Amu Dining Set

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The Amu Dining Set is striking and elegant, minimalistic and modern. Crafted in 100% Exotic Moso Bamboo, the Amu Dining Set is environmentally friendly incredibly durable.
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Amu Dining Set
Amu Dining Set

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    Simple, casual and elegant, the Amu Dining Set is one of Haiku's most modern, sleek, and elegant collections. The Amu collection offers two size tables to suit both large families and intimate dining. Complementing the Amu Table are the matching dining chairs, bench seating and sideboard, all in extravagant, Exotic Bamboo. The Dining Room is crafted in one of earth's strongest and most rapidly renewable resources, 100% Moso Bamboo.



    The Amu Dining Table features modern, clean lines and strong profile for a stunning effect. No stain is used to, the rich color and texture of exotic bamboo is achieved through the process of caramelizing the natural sugars in the bamboo with heat and pressure. The Amu Dining Set makes it easy for you to promote sustainability in a lovely, classic, and functional way in your home.




    The Amu Chair and Bench combine beauty, strength, and comfort to act as an elegant extension of the Amu Table. The Amu Chair comes in a set of 2. Variation in grain and color enrich the natural beauty of bamboo furniture and make each piece unique. Slight differences in exotic bamboo shade colors are signs that the furniture has been crafted from solid bamboo and is considered a benchmark of quality.





    • Crafted in 100% solid Exotic Moso Bamboo- 100% harder than Red Oak
    • Contains no MDF, plywood, or particle board
    • Chairs come in a set of 2
    • Eco-friendly and rapidly renewable, Moso bamboo is a grass that reaches maturity in 5 years or less and releases nearly 35 percent more oxygen back into the atmosphere than equivalent stands of trees
    • Variation in grain and color enriches the natural beauty of bamboo furniture




    Amu Dining Table- 30"H x 36"W x 72″L

    Amu Dining Table- 30"H x 42"W x 84″L

    Amu Chair- 33.5"H x 17.75"W x 21"L

    Amu Bench- 17.5"H x 14"W x 48"L

    Amu Bench- 17.5"H x 14"W x 64"L

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