Andes Jute Rug

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A bold textile design, the Jute Andes Natural Rug is an environmentally responsible choice designed to enhance your home. Founded in the tradition of inspired asian rug design, the Jute fibers are mainly sourced from small farmers in India and Bangladesh and helps to support thousands of families through farming and manufacturing opportunities.The gorgeous and natural design of the Jute Andes Natural Rug is evident in both function and form. Created from Jute fiber, which has often been referred to as the Golden Fiber, the elegant weave creates a magnificent texture that boasts a variety of neutral tones ranging from deep brown to cream. This product is naturally anti-static and reduces the incidence of electrical buildup that often comes into play when you walk on a carpet. With insulating and moisture resisting properties, this rug is a perfect choice to cover a hardwood floor in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom. It is recommended that you purchase a cotton rug pad to prevent slipping on hardwood and carpeted floors.

  • 100% Biodegradable Jute Fiber
  • Minimal Noxious Gasses
  • Natural golden shine
  • High tensile strength
  • 2-Ply Handspun Jute boucle with Tucked Ends
  • Breathable and Moisture Resistant
  • Responsibly Harvested from Sustainable Sources
  • Gorgeous multi-tone tight weave finish
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