Arc Ceiling Lamp


Like a stunning and amazing flower blossoming from its perch on a lofty branch to greet the dawn and the rising sun, the Arc Ceiling Lamp embodies harmonious sophistication. Made from pure aluminum, it’s impervious to being cracked or broken like a lamp globe made from glass. Upon closer inspection, it gives one the impression that it may be a divine lotus flower with infinite pedals that rotate and overlap over each other again and again

Offering a unique and beautiful look, the Arc Ceiling lamp cast a soft, downward facing light, without the harsh glare of an uncovered or exposed light bulb. Spreading a soft, indirect light over the whole room, the unique beauty of this lamp will be appreciated in home or office.  In other words, imagine what it would be like to start each and every new day while eating your breakfast, or starting your day’s work under this beautiful lamp.

Comes complete with cord and fixture. 100-Watt bulb recommended.

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