5 Cool Ways To Give Your Bedroom A New Feel

Posted on Jun 06, 2011

The rains are abating, the weather’s getting warmer, and with summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to update your bedroom for the summer season.  Here are 5 cool ways to give your bedroom a new feel for the summer holidays.

Pick A Theme

Why not pick a new theme?  You could go with something European, something Country, or maybe even try out some different Asian bedroom furniture sets.    Each theme has its own unique touches and summery flair. Try a new modern European dresser and mirror combo, or perhaps a new set of Country nightstands made of warm, honey-colored oak.  Or try a taste of the orient with bamboo-based tatami mats, matching Shoji screens (room-dividers) and paper-skinned oriental lamps.  When it comes to Asian bedroom furniture sets, you can’t go wrong with a perfectly laid tatami floor plan with appropriate lighting accessories.  If you have the funds, try out Japanese platform beds for a summer-soothing night’s rest!

Pillow Talk!

Let’s talk pillows! There are so many different kinds to update your bedroom with!  European pillows or shams are typically 26”x26” square and make a great addition to a European-themed room.   Try a vibrant summer color such as lime green, teal, or a nice sunny orange.  You may also like to try an extra set of pillows in a contrasting color for your Country-styled theme.  Think warm florals, or vibrant primary colors.  Make sure not to overdo it!

Particularly well-matched for Asian bedroom furniture sets, hugging pillows come in many different shapes and sizes.   The following pillows work great with Asian bedroom furniture sets:  summer-colorful Dakimakura hugging pillows from Japan, Guling pillows from Indonesia, or Abrazador long-hugging pillows from the Philippines.  For the truly adventurous, a Shitou Zentou (Chinese rock pillow) is meant to cure headaches or depression, and is rumored to increase intelligence.  Shitous are typically made from jade though, so make sure you can afford it!

Art Deco-ration

One of the easiest ways to give your bedroom a new feel for summer is to change up the art in the bedroom.  Summery prints with flowers, natural scenery, or even seaside depictions make great art additions to the bedroom for the warmest months of the year.  You can post your own photos of special events or people, or try heading down to your local art store for affordable to not-so-affordable options.  Prints are a great idea when original art is expensive.  Make sure to pick a festively-colored frame, or at least a summery vibrant matte.  The framing/matting can make all the difference to whether a print pops-out with summer flair, or if it looks like it’s been hung haphazardly on any which wall.

Paint The Walls Bright

Bland bedrooms are easily made bright and summer-ready with a brand new coat of summery paint!  For greens, try sea green, parsley, mint, or chic lime.  For a bright splash, try lemon freeze or daffodil.  For summery blues, try a deep indigo blue, teal, or fun turquoise.

Summer-Inspired Window Treatments

Summer-inspired window treatments go a long way in providing a summery change of feel to your bedroom.  Lace or sheer curtains look light and airy, and are definitely July-appropriate.  Mother of Pearl buttons sewn onto lightweight linen or other light filtering fabrics give a casual beachy look.  Wooden slat blinds are also very beach appropriate.  Or try woven shades in bright patterns or solid colors with accenting shade ties.  For the Japanese-inspired bedroom, bamboo or other natural fiber roll-down blinds are especially appropriate to dress up those Asian bedroom furniture sets for the summer.

Follow these 5 middle-of-summer-hot tips, and you’ll have a cool new look in no time!

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