Aum Lounger Sleeper Sofa

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The Aum Lounger Sleeper Sofa from Haiku Designs is a comfortable and stylish, multi-functional sofa that grants you maximum adaptability for your space.

 The Aum Lounger Sleeper Sofa is a chic, multi-functional piece that not only offers exceptional comfort, but also allows you to efficiently maximize your space. In its upright position the Aum Lounger is a beautiful sofa with a contemporary design, featuring a mid-century look combined with a sleek minimalist profile that is truly eye-catching. A quick transformation and your Aum sofa easily converts to a comfortable bed. Perfect for an overnight guest!

However you choose to use it, the Aum Lounger Sleeper Sofa is two exceptional pieces of furniture in one, diversifying and increasing functionality to your living space. This sofa will quickly become your preferred hang out spot.

Aum Lounger Sleeper Sofa

Comfort is our first priority. The Aum sofa bed is based on a matte, black steel internal frame upon which is placed a foundation of nested inner coils. This sturdy and durable foundation is then topped with a special non-toxic layer of foam and wrapped in a natural, stain-resistant fabric, creating a comfortable and firm sofa with a slight give. The Aum Lounger Sleeper Sofa provides perfectly balanced support, ideal for daytime sitting, overnight sleeping, and everything in betweeen.

Combining beautiful Aesthetics and Functionality with high comfort and durability, the Aum sleeper sofa is an excellent addition to any home or office.

Aum Lounger Sleeper Sofa

Simple Assembly. Truck Line Shipping Required. Sofa Position Size: 46” deep x 89” wide. 16” from floor to top of sitting cushion. 26” from floor to top of the backrest. Bed Position Size: 67” deep x 89” wide.

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