Bamboo Bath & Sauna Mat

The Bamboo Bath & Sauna Mat is an elegant and moisture resistant mat, ideal for your bathroom or spa.

Bring practical elegance to your sauna, bathroom, or spa with the gorgeous Bamboo Bath & Sauna Mat. This piece embodies the traditions of Asian cultural design and leverages modern sustainability practices to create the perfect piece for your space.Create an aura of relaxation and enjoy the exquisite comfort of this Bamboo Bath & Sauna Mat.

Crafted from a gorgeous Organic Moso Bamboo, and finished with a polyurethane lacquer, the Bath & Sauna Mat is constructed from renewable resources found in the Anji Mountains. In Japanese and Chinese culture, rugs are created to last in humid environments. This Bamboo Mat is a perfect sampling of the expert design techniques for moisture resistance found in the far east. Whether you are looking for a simple mat to host the floor in your bathroom or a durable sauna mat to place in your hot tub room or spa, this luxurious mat will fulfill your every need.


  • Organic Moso Bamboo
  • Renewable Resources harvested from the Anji Mountains
  • Good for Planet Earth
  • Environmentally friendly coating and materials
  • Soft Plastic non-slip feet
  • Non-Slip Rug Pad
  • 16 X 24
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