Bamboo Dining Room Furniture

Wanting a beautiful dining room furniture set with modern, contemporary lines, that is functions, and durable, available in several rich and varied finishes, and is yet also in harmony with the environment?  Bamboo Dining Room furniture could be the perfect choice. Bamboo is a completely sustainable product. Bamboo is actually classified as a grass, and can grow up to 45 inches in a day and is renewed on a regular basis. Farmed in several countries of the Pacific Rim, such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, bamboo is grown naturally, and support a large number of small farm cooperatives. Learn More

Tentai Eco-Friendly Dining Room
by Haiku Designs | Solid Bamboo Timber  
Amu Bamboo Dining Room
by Haiku Designs | Solid Bamboo Timber  

The Beauty of Bamboo Dining Room Furniture

Bamboo furniture has come of age in recent years to offer a durable, heavy duty timber construction while being a sustainable resource that is environmentally friendly. With it's long history as a material for outdoor furniture or smaller pieces of home furniture and usually composed of bamboo shoots, bamboo furniture has undergone a renaissance with the introduction of layered bamboo timber. Bamboo timber, which is composed of pieces of bamboo wood layered together to form a solid wood timber is stronger than solid oak and does not shrink or expand in moist or dry conditions.


In addition the finish is smooth and low-permeable meaning that it naturally repels stains can be easily cleaned with standard or non-toxic furniture cleaners. 

Bamboo is a great carbon sequester meaning it take carbon gas out of the atmosphere and stores it or sequesters it, in the timber itself.  This cuts downs on dangerous greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere, and is considered a carbon plus product, meaning that it takes more carbon out of the atmosphere, than it produces, even when considering manufacturing and transportation costs. 

Formed into beautiful furniture pieces for the home, Bamboo furniture offers quality and durable products for the Dining Room, Bedroom and office, that are truly sustainably produced and that are truly Eco-friendly. 


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