1. FROM $2,809.00 FROM $3,746.00
    Catalina Platform Bed
  2. Azara Platform Bed
    FROM $2,078.00 FROM $2,445.00
    Azara Platform Bed
  3. FROM $2,167.00 FROM $2,550.00
    Ventura Platform Bed
  4. Berkeley Platform Bed
    FROM $2,727.00 FROM $3,636.00
    Berkeley Platform Bed
  5. Monroe Platform Bed
    FROM $2,799.00
    Monroe Platform Bed
  6. Ludlow Modern Platform Bed
  7. Madagascar Platform Bed
    FROM $2,499.00
    Madagascar Platform Bed
  8. FROM $2,316.00 FROM $2,725.00
    Mercury Platform Bed
  9. Maddox Platform Bed
    FROM $2,017.00
    Maddox Platform Bed
  10. Mansfield Bed in Natural Cherry
    FROM $2,669.00 FROM $3,559.00
    Mansfield Platform Bed
  11. FROM $2,618.00 FROM $3,011.00
    Haveli Platform Bed
  12. FROM $2,999.00
    O2 Platform Bed
  13. FROM $2,607.00 FROM $3,477.00
    Monterey Platform Bed
  14. FROM $2,135.00
    Mayumi Storage Bed
  15. FROM $2,021.00 FROM $2,527.00
    Summit Platform Bed
  16. FROM $2,228.00
    Mayumi Canopy Bed
  17. FROM $2,128.00 FROM $2,590.00
    Kobe Platform Bed
  18. FROM $2,575.00 FROM $2,999.00
    Paloma Platform Bed
  19. FROM $2,841.00
    Keiko Poster Bed
  20. FROM $2,715.00 FROM $3,305.00
    Kondo Platform Bed
  21. FROM $2,375.00 FROM $2,795.00
    Park Avenue Platform Bed
  22. FROM $2,395.00 FROM $2,755.00
    Messina Carved Teak Wood Platform Bed
  23. FROM $2,295.00
    Akemi Canopy Bed
  24. FROM $2,299.00
    Vanderbilt Bed
  25. FROM $2,299.00
    Mitchell Bed
  26. FROM $2,699.00
    Luzon Platform Bed
  27. Dillon Platform Storage Bed
  28. FROM $2,999.00
    Samara Platform Bed

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Bedroom Furniture

In contrast to this traditional way of manufacturing furniture, Haiku Designs has a better way. We've gone to the extra effort of locating companies that use more environmentally friendly procedures and materials in their manufacturing methods. Many of our platform beds, dining room furniture sets, and contemporary bedroom furniture pieces offered on our website are made with these ideas in mind. We call it "Having it All." Living in a comfortable, sustainable way allows one to create a home, office, or personal living space that is reflective of one's own inner values.

Eco-Friendly Furniture choices from Haiku Designs

Here at Haiku Designs, we make a strong, genuine commitment to protecting the environment - yours and the Earth's. This is reflected in our wide range of platform beds, contemporary bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, and eco-friendly organic bedding. Our lines of Eco-friendly furniture offer attract high-quality, earth-friendly choices for today's consumers. Find the Eco-Friendly matching Japanese Dressers, Japanese Chests, and Japanese Bedroom Furniture for your Japanese Style Bedroom.

Often in the market today, furniture choices result in something comfortable and of good design, but almost always results in serious environmental damage. Rarely do you find a product that is well designed, of quality construction, and manufactured environmentally friendly.

Currant Bamboo Bed and Nightstands in Oiled Walnut

This is especially true in furniture design and manufacturing, which traditionally use wood produced from clear-cut, ravaged tropical and temperate forests and assembled with the lowest quality glues, binder, and harsh chemicals. Most compressed and veneer wood is made using chemicals, including formaldehyde, that are not only toxic in the manufacturing process, but that also off-gas into the living environment.

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Good furniture
Phone service excellent, questions answered and handled in timely manner. I got what I expected and I (as well as wife) are very satisfied. Not inexpensive but quality doesn't come cheap.
M.Y., Aptos, CA
Thanks for the info
Thank you so much for your info and suggestion. I can already tell your company is a good company!
L.Z., Houston TX
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