Blanket Rack Screen

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The Blanket Rack Screen is a stylish, multi-functional piece that is equally decorative and organizational.

The Blanket Rack Screen, takes a blanket ladder to the next level. This 3 panel room divider helps you stylishly organize up to 25 soft, cozy blankets! Serving as a multi-functional piece, the Blanket Rack Screen not only serves as a blanket and sweater organizer, but also as wonderfully decorative piece. Hang your blankets, towels, even add photographs to create a stunning photo display. Not to mention, the Blanket Rack Screen can be used both indoors and outdoors. Truly the possibilities are endless!




• Contemporary Design

• White or gray finish

• Functional and decorative

• Indoor and outdoor use




• Height - 59 Inches

• Width - 54 Inches

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