Four Ways to make an Impact for Good in 2016

Posted on Jan 11, 2016

Azara Platfrom Bed
Sleep Clean and Healthy

The Problem:  An Unhealthy Source of Rest.  Did you know that you will spend over a third of your life in bed? Naturally, it would make sense to consider what type of materials your body is coming into contact with for eight or more hours per day.  Many of the synthetic sheets and comforters commonly known as ‘microfiber’ are 100% polyester which is essentially a chemically treated plastic. These commercially produced synthetic cotton or microfiber sheets emit toxic gasses and create a welcoming habitat for dust mites and other allergens.

Your 2016 New Year’s Resolution:  Buy Organic and Natural Bedding and Mattresses. In order to achieve a state of well-being, your sleeping solution should begin with selecting natural and organic cotton, latex, and wool based products. Sheets and pillowcases are the first thing your body touches when laying down for a rest.   

  1. Sheets or Comforters made from 100% Organic Cotton are the best option for creating luxurious comfort and allergen-free sleep. 
  2. Selecting an Organic Mattress Pad and Organic Cotton or Wool Comforter provide the secondary layer of comfort and warmth for your bed without the carcinogens that come from bleaching and dying of traditional fabrics.    
  3. Mattresses made from natural rubber latex, bamboo, cotton, and wool create a comfortable and moisture free sleeping environment.  Since your body is exposed to these materials all night, it is essential to choose certified organic and natural sleep products that use renewable natural resources to benefit your body and the environment.   
  4. Buy Sustainable Furniture that has been sourced from renewable forests and treated with water based stains and finishing products. Solid Wood and Furniture made from Bamboo  is rarely exposed to toxic glues, and is a great choice for ensuring the air quality in your home is pure and healthy. 

organic clothes
Wear Clothing that Nourishes

The Problem:  What you wear can destroy your body. The application of pesticides, formaldehyde based dyes, bleaches, and other chemicals are standard processing requirement and techniques for commercial based clothing. According the Environmental Protection Agency, regular exposure to toxic chemicals can cause a variety of negative health effects from minor irritations and allergies to more serious conditions like visual disorders and memory impairment. 

Your 2016 New Year’s Resolution:  Buy Certified Organic Clothing and Detergents. Clothing made from Certified Organic Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo, Soy, and other Natural fibers uses considerably less if any of the volatile chemicals than that of commercially mass produced clothing. Natural clothing is considerably more comfortable to wear and softer on your skin. You may pay a bit more for the certified organic clothing to begin with, but in the end, your body will thank you for it. 

organic food
Fuel your Body with Healthy Food

The Problem:  Unhealthy Eating. Overeating, Binge Eating, Mindless Snacking, Eating Late at Night, Consuming processed or hormone induced foods, Living on Junk Food, Indulging the Sweet Tooth – these are all problematic for living a healthy lifestyle. An improper diet can make you overweight, sluggish, and greatly affect your ability to fight off infections, and function effectively.  Just as your car requires the right kind of fuel to run smoothly, so your body also requires a proper diet for all systems to function as intended. Foods that have been treated chemically, overprocessed, or are packed with refined sugars and flours are more likely to create problems for your health and overall feeling of wellness.

Your 2016 New Year’s Resolution:  Eat Clean
As often as you can, choose fresh, organic, free range, and locally grown or farmed products. Unless you are growing and raising your own food, it is very difficult to ensure that everything being consumed and absorbed into your body is healthy and chemical free. What is important is recognizing the source of the problem and starting the journey toward clean and healthy eating. Try and eat things as fresh and as unprocessed as possible. Some of the best foods for your health are:

  • Fresh Raw Vegetables and Greens
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Nuts and Legumes
  • Organic Free Range Meats

Don’t throw it away, use it again!

The Problem:  Massive Waste Generation According to Duke University’s Center for Sustainability, approximately 220 million tons of waste is generated annually in the United States alone.

Your 2016 New Year’s ResolutionRecycle, Reuse, Reduce, Upcycle. Become conscious of what you can do with your waste.   

  1. Recycle:  Most trash removal companies will provide you with a list of recyclable materials along with a recycling bin that can be filled at no additional charge to your bill.  
  2. Reduce:  A great way to reduce waste is to employ the use of washable towels instead of paper towels, or bring your coffee cup to work in place of using the provided paper or styrofoam cups. You can use a lunch bag in place of a brown paper bag, or buy a BPA free reusable water bottle for daily use.
  3. Reusing and Upcycling involves taking discarded items and giving them new purpose.  For example you can turn an old door into a tabletop, or upcycle a wooden ladder into a trendy bookshelf. To reuse things can you simply look for items you might normally toss away like mason jars which can then become excellent storage containers for other items, or urban style drinking glasses.  

Natural Sleep 
Organic Beds 
Natural and Organic Futons 
Bamboo Dining Rooms 


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