Haiku’s thirtieth,
Bring out the balloons and cake,
Cheers to many more!

This year we are proud to celebrate, not only a company and organization but a green movement. It has been 30 years of advocacy for a simpler, cleaner, and more harmonious world. Thirty years of providing our customers with high-quality, long-lasting pieces meant to withstand the test of time. Thirty years of the continuous search for better, cleaner, and healthier products for the modern, conscientious home. Thirty years of growth and development because we understand progress is dynamic. Thirty years' worth of experience and knowledge we hope to build on.

Arata Japanese Platform Bed

Queen in Wenge/White 

$1,599 $1,439

Haiku Designs was founded 30 years ago in the shadows of the Front Range in Boulder, Colorado. In 2017, we traded the clean and dry mountain air for the lush evergreen forests, cold and pristine streams, and expansive mountain valleys of Oregon. It is our love for the natural world that has fueled our business practices and encouraged us to develop a catalog filled with sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly products for the modern home. We’ve built and continue to expand on a selection that is enduring through quality construction and transcendent design.

As our name suggests, Haiku Designs was named after the Japanese style of poetry of the same name. The simplicity, elegance, and succinctness inspired our catalog of Mid-Century and Contemporary furniture with sleek, timeless designs and clean, organic forms that beautifully complement any home. We at Haiku Designs call the marrying of Japanese themes with contemporary forms, Zen Modern Design.

Astrid Platform Bed 1-Panel Headboard

Queen in Smoke Cherry 

$3,150 $2,677

Additionally, the Enso, our Haiku symbol, serves as a constant reminder of the beauty and harmony that can be found in simplicity and imperfection. In Zen Buddhism, the Enso is a symbol of togetherness and harmony as well as a reference to the incomplete. Drawn as a single brushstroke, the Enso is purposefully imperfect and unfinished, which represents a space needed to grow and progress. On our path towards harmony in the home, we are mindful of the lifecycle and impact of our selection be it the potential for off-gassing, the need for more organic and natural materials, or our carbon footprint. If anything, these three decades have taught us just how much more there is to learn.

This year we celebrate our commitment to seeking out quality craftsmanship, our promise to continuously search for and curate the best selection of Japanese Furniture and Mid-Century Modern furniture for your modern and eco-friendly home. While we pop celebratory bottles of sparkling cider in the office, we at Haiku Designs want everyone to join in our 30 Year Celebration by offering discounts on our full lineup of products!

Mixed Dance Natural 

 $2,995 $2,545

So, here’s to 30 years and cheers to 30 more years of beautiful, minimalist, modern designs that are cleaner and better for you, your family, and the environment. May we carry with us into the next few decades a knowledge acquired through hard work and countless interactions with our beloved customers. The goal is progress, so we at Haiku vow to continue providing healthy furniture and promoting a harmonious lifestyle for years to come. Happy Birthday, Haiku Designs!