5 Steps to a Healthier Home

Posted on Jan 27, 2016

Nutritious and Organic Food

According to many Vegan experts, raw foods are the most nutritious food items for your system, and the easiest to digest. Using moderation can help you to regulate the intake of nuts and other raw foods in tandem with what your body can handle. Although a lot of vegetarians eat rice and other grains, the human digestive-tract was ultimately not designed to process large amounts of grain. Consuming processed flour and baked goods, particularly those baked goods with a high amount of gluten can cause intestinal blockages and difficulty with digestion.

Horses and cows are herbivorous animals that consume primarily grasses and grains. Humans, however, do not share the same complexity of digestive tract that facilitates processing grains in the same way. The solution to all of this is to eat raw and whole foods as much as possible.     Choosing easily digestible items like fresh organic fruits, nuts, and vegetables is the best way to begin your journey to a healthier you!

Exercise your Heart Out

To keep the blood flowing, the fat burning, and the spirit wide awake, it’s essential to get enough physical activity each day. Although calisthenics, yoga and weight-lifting are very beneficial to total body health, it is also important to include aerobic or cardio-based exercises on a regular basis. Some examples of cardio based exercises include running, biking, swimming, hiking, dancing, kickboxing, aerobics classes, cardiovascular machines, or cross-country skiing.  These activities get your heart pumping which increases blood-flow, circulation and contributes to a great immune system. 

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Mind-Body Relaxation 

To live a healthy and happy life, it’s crucial to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between the body and the mind. Exploring and embracing positive thinking, positive behavior and positive goals will help to reduce emotional anxiety and stress which can lead to devastating physical consequences for the body regardless of your age.

Fortunately, a variety of ways exist to balance the body, mind, heart and soul.  These options include exercises and actions like yoga, meditation, prayer, chanting, positive affirmations, or reading inspirational literature. Letting go of unhealthy attachments and focusing on that which nourishes your spirit will help you to feed your mind what you would like your heart to digest.

Social Relationships 

Having constructive relationships is one of the most essential requirements for living a healthy and conscious life.  Without community and human contact we are simply part of an unrealized whole. Creating happy and healthy relationships with friends, spouses, and family is a way to surround yourself with a continual positive influence. Love deeply, forgive freely, and allow yourself to become full of harmony and peace that radiates out to those around you.  

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Eco-Friendly Belongings

Keeping it healthy in the home is essential for maintaining a stress-free and clutter free life.   Many products you purchase from chain retail stores contain toxic chemicals, and gasses that contribute to poor health.    Look for furniture that offers an “E-1” rating, is solid wood or authentically organic to reduce the toxins in your home and create a lovely and breathable place to enjoy your life.  You can buy organic bedding, bedroom or dining room sets from Haiku Designs, and start nourishing your body today.


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