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Bamboo Wood – The perfect choice for furniture

Posted on Jun 26, 2012

Five Reasons Why Bamboo Wood is the Perfect Choice for Eco-Friendly Contemporary Furniture


When it comes to creating the perfect modern bedroom, dining room or living room, natural materials are the way to go. Soft natural materials such as cotton, silk, and rubber tree-derived latex make great linens and mattresses for platform beds. Bamboo makes great flooring, bedroom furniture and even looks great standing upright in an earthen vase. Not only are natural materials sustainable, they help to create a Zen feel about the modern bedroom. The following 5 reasons will help you decide if bamboo eco-friendly contemporary furniture is right for you.


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Wool - The perfect choice for any bedding

Posted on Feb 10, 2012

Seven Reasons for Choosing Wool Bedding for a Healthy Sleeping Environment


What would you do for a restful, healthy nights sleep every night, so you awaken stress-free and are ready to meet the day? Do you think about unhealthy toxins in your sleeping environment? Why choose wool over other materials? Here are seven reasons to consider purchasing wool bedding for a healthy sleeping environment. 


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Creating a Healthy Sleeping Environment

Posted on Jan 03, 2012

Six Tips for Choosing Healthy Bedding for a Healthy Sleeping Environment

peaceful sleep

When shopping for healthy bedding and mattresses, do you get confused with what is healthy and what is not? How do you know what you’re considering is healthy for you and your family? Here are some tips to consider when purchasing bedding and mattresses that create a healthy sleeping environment. 


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4 Easy Steps to Shop With Confidence When Shopping Online

Posted on Nov 30, 2011

Making Internet Shopping Easier

hiro bedroom

Shopping online can be a great, convenient way to purchase products and to save you time and money without the hassle of driving from store to store this holiday season. Purchasing bedroom furniture through the Internet can be intimidating because you can't actually see or touch the product. How can you be sure you'll be satisfied with your purchase and what can you do to insure trust in the retailer? 

Here are some easy steps you can follow to be sure you'll make a confident purchase when shopping online for bedroom furniture.


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Basics to Follow When Purchasing a Platform Bed

Posted on Nov 10, 2011

5 Designer Tips on Buying a Platform Bed

sove bedroom

Interior Designers know that how a platform bed looks is just as important as how it feels. Their clients want a stylish bed that fits into their budget, but they also want a bed that makes them feel rested, healthy and ready to meet the day. Here are 5 tips from savvy designers on buying a platform bed that’s just right for you.


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