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A Modern Twist on the Classic Platform Bed

Posted on May 30, 2017

Kanal CanopyThe Canopy Style Platform Bed - Modern yet traditional

 "  The lamp once out
    Cool stars enter
    The window frame.  "

                  ~ Natsume Soseki

Few pieces of furniture in today's modern bedroom are as popular or as aesthetically pleasing as a simple platform bed. However, never one to be outdone, we at Haiku Designs have stepped it up a notch. Meet the new bed of your dreams: the Kanal Canopy Platform Bed! 

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Good-Trendy: The Natural Latex Mattress Revolution

Posted on May 17, 2017

Slumber Platform StorageThe Natural Latex Mattress revolution

 "  A lovely thing to see:
    through the paper window's hole,
     the Galaxy. "

                      ~ Issa

Some trends deserve to be relegated to the graveyard of bad ideas, never to return again. We're betting that future generations will have nothing particularly good to say about harem pants, mullets (“business in the front, party in the back!”), Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirts for cities the wearer has never been to, or the practice of renting out valuable dermal real estate for permanent, corporate logo tattoos. In fact, anyone who eventually winds up with grandchildren will doubtless have some explaining to do. 

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The Gold Standard in Eco-Friendly Mattresses and Bedding

Posted on May 03, 2017

Slumber Platform StorageEco-Friendly Mattresses: the Gold Standard

 "  Moonless night...
    a powerful wind embraces
    the ancient cedars. "

                  ~ Matsu Basho  

Eco-friendly mattresses are a hot topic these days and are featured everywhere from Oprah's website to Consumer Reports. Oprah recommends GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton to her readers, which is a philosophy that we at Haiku Designs are behind 100%.  

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Why Dining Room Tables are still the centerpiece in today's modern family home

Posted on Apr 10, 2017

Family Dinner
Modern Families GATHER IN The dining Room

 "  April's air stirs in 
    Willow-leaves...a butterfly
    Floats and balances "

                           ~ Bashō Matsuo

It's 2017.  Your family likely spends a majority of their at home time looking at some kind of a digitized screen, absorbing what we consider too much eye-straining liquid crystal display light.  This all changes the moment you place a delicious home cooked meal down on the dining room table, call in your family, and create real moments together that aren't measured in social media likes.  

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Handy Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress Size

Posted on Mar 29, 2017

Choosing the right mattressFinding the right mattress can be tough- Let us help you out!

 "  Summer night -
    even the stars
    are whispering to each other. "

                           ~ Isaa

One of the most frustrating things about shopping for clothing is that sizes are anything but standardized. Sizes change over time, and differ from one brand to the next. In the 1950's, Marilyn Monroe wore a vintage size 14 – which meant that she sported an enviably tiny, 26-inch waist. (In today's sizes, she'd be closer to a size 4.) And as if that weren't confusing enough, some clothing lines have given up on traditional numbered sizes altogether, and replaced them with cheerfully vague adjectives like “Lovely,” “Gorgeous,” and "Beautiful.”  

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