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Realize Your Mind's Full Potential through Yoga

Posted on Jan 30, 2017

see through the mental fog with yoga & meditation

     "Dawn's graceful poses:
     clarity of mind in the
     cultivation of movement"

Incorporating yoga and meditation into your lifestyle has a transformative effect on all aspects of your being. Meditation reduces stress levels, not only during meditation but throughout your entire day. Studies show that regular meditation has incredible health benefits, including lower blood pressure and reduced standing heart rate. Meditation can help improve your mental focus and reduce brain chatter. It will help you get to sleep faster, and enjoy deeper, more restful sleep. Mindfulness meditation can even help you connect better with your loved ones, as you learn how to focus on them and really hear what they are saying.  

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Mindfulness Meditation

Posted on Jan 20, 2017

Meditation Breathe is the path to life

finding peace through mindfulness meditation

    "Body, air, and mind
    the gust of a breeze, like breath 
    Mindfulness the prize" 

Mindfulness techniques have been around for a very long time. Buddhist monks first developed the practice about 2500 years ago, as a tool to attain enlightenment and inner harmony. Early mindfulness endeavors were designed to further spiritual and intellectual development and unlock human potential. 

Meditation is not complicated, but the skills needed to achieve a quiet mind require many hours of practice to master. There are a number of basic techniques, and if you find that mindfulness works for you, you may wish to consider taking classes at a yoga studio or meditation center. For now, focus on learning one method. Begin by meditating for 10-15 minutes every day, increasing to 30 minutes as you become more comfortable with the technique. Eventually, you may wish to meditate for an hour a day.  

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Asian Minimalist Design and Seasonal Versatility

Posted on Jan 10, 2017


" In the city fields
  Contemplating cherry-trees...
  Strangers are like friends "

                 ~ Kobyasha Issa

One of the biggest advantages to Asian inspired design today is versatility. Creative types express their taste and originality in their home environments, and often “set the stage” for a new season by transforming their living spaces to greet each season throughout the year. Japanese minimalist design provides the ideal blank palette. Choose the right pieces, and you can completely transform the room with art, plants, soft furnishings, and accessories.  

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Sleeper Sofas So Stylish Your Guests Won't Want to Leave

Posted on Jan 06, 2017

HTML Source EditorWord Wrap THE YORK SOFA BEDsleepers that simply too Stylish & comfortible

" My arm for a pillow,
I really like myself
under the hazy moon. "

~ Yosa Buson

Long gone are the days of old-fashioned sleeper sofas that doubled as torture devices for family or friends brave enough to sleep over. When it was time for bed, you would sheepishly gather fresh bedding for your guests, then unpack the unwieldy, cumbersome eyesore and make the bed. You'd send your friends to bed with an apology, hoping they would be able to rest amid the myriad lumps and potentially hazardous metal springs.

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The Art of Japanese Minimalist Design

Posted on Nov 29, 2016

Love Art Print

Simplicity Sparks Your Creative Muse

" Don't imitate me;
 it's as boring
 as the two halves of a melon."

                 ~ Matsu Basho

Japanese Minimalism is the ideal complement to almost any style of art. It is no coincidence that modern art museums and galleries opt for modern, minimalist furnishings – the sleek lines and uncluttered look accents the original works of wildly divergent exhibits, without detracting from the works themselves.   

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