Advantages of Organic Futons

Posted on Feb 16, 2016

Better for your Health, Better for the Earth

An organic futon may be the solution for a safer and healthier sleep. Organic futons are made with all natural materials that are non-toxic and free from synthetic materials that may be off-gassing or transferring harmful chemicals. Moreover, they are more breathable and capable of keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This way, you can sleep comfortably while minimizing the need to subject the thermostat to the extremes (which is usually the cause for higher heating and electricity bills).

Organic is Better for your Health

Organic futons are a great option to upgrade your traditional mattress if you suffer from respiratory problems, asthma, and certain skin conditions that could be aggravated by synthetic products and certain chemicals. High-quality organic futons are like traditional Japanese-style futons but with all-natural and soft organic wool, an organic botanical latex core and organic cotton. They are produced exclusively by reputable manufacturers and sold online for customers who are looking for support and firm rest of a traditional futon but would like a slightly softer and more comfortable feel.

Toxin and Gas Free

Latex provides the cotton batting in organic futons a very slight flex or give, and this creates a more amazing sleeping sensation. This way, you can sleep comfortably with the feel of a luxurious and healthy surface on your back. Reputable manufacturers responsibly source certified organic latex from the Asian rubber tree's sap. The material does not release toxic gasses. A 100 percent organic and botanical latex core is healthier and guaranteed to not have any synthetic polystyrene petrochemicals blended into them.

Organic futons do not contain any pesticides that can harm both you and the environment. The cotton stuffing and batting are organic, too, so you know that they were grown without any synthetic fertilizers and tons of pesticides—both of which are found to have proven carcinogens that remain in bedding for years.

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