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Posted on Jan 15, 2018

The Aspen  Collection 

 "  Sleep on horseback,
    The far moon in a continuing dream,
    Steam of roasting tea.  "

                           ~ Bashō Matsuo

Bring the highest quality Italian style to the most personal place in your home- the bedroom.  The Aspen Platform Bed & Collection is a sleek and beautiful bedroom set that truly makes your room stand out.   In addition,  the Apen bed, and matching dressers and nightstand has been certified as  "E-1", the Eurpean Union certification  for low release of tox gas emissions from furniture. The result?  A heathier nights rest. Better for the environment...both yours and the planets.   

Built and designed in Italy, the Aspen Collection is the pinnacle of modern style.  The entire collection is constructed with a smooth, elegant,  natural  Elm finish.  The most noticeable feature of the bed, the direct-rise headboard, is offset slightly from the bed to give it a uniquely off-centered style.  The nightstands and dressers also feature this style with an upside down 'L' shape that truly makes the entire bedroom set pop.  Combined with a matching mirror and bench for putting your feet up or simply sitting on when taking a load off, this collection will wow your guests and family!


The Aspen Platform Bed - Eloquently Italian Design

Italian Design with an uncompromising commitment to your health - The e-1 Rating

The Aspen Collection has been certified E-1, the highest quality in European furniture ratings.  This means that the furntiure DOES NOT off-gas  noxious or harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde into the bedroom and living environment, and has been built from the ground up without the use of ANY toxic chemicals, glues, or finishes.  Unfortunately here in America, we do not have our own rating for finding chemical-free furniture.  But fortunately for our customers, we work diligently to scour the earth for the highest quality furniture combined with a beautiful design!

Aspen Angle

 Take a stand for your health and a better Night rest. Don't wait to experience the non-toxic way to live - Order your Aspen Bedroom Collection today!

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