4 Easy Steps to Shop With Confidence When Shopping Online

Posted on Nov 30, 2011

Making Internet Shopping Easier

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Shopping online can be a great, convenient way to purchase products and to save you time and money without the hassle of driving from store to store this holiday season. Purchasing bedroom furniture through the Internet can be intimidating because you can't actually see or touch the product. How can you be sure you'll be satisfied with your purchase and what can you do to insure trust in the retailer? 

Here are some easy steps you can follow to be sure you'll make a confident purchase when shopping online for bedroom furniture.


1. What do you want?


Determine what kind of bedroom furniture you want to purchase while you're shopping online. What style will fit who you are today? Do you like an eclectic mix of modern and Asian? French provincial or urban chic?

Which bedroom area do you want to redecorate? Measure the room and choose bedroom furniture that will fit the space.

Next set a budget. What bedroom furniture can you afford without stretching your finances? Once you have decided what kind of bedroom furniture you want and what you can afford, it will make it easier to stay focused when faced with items outside your budget and buy within your price range.

2. Who do you want to buy it from?

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Narrow down the number of online retailers who have the bedroom furniture you want at the price you can afford. Identify three or four retailers that look good on the Internet: they have the products you're interested in, their website is informative and easy to navigate and there is a guarantee and phone contact information provided. Ensure that the website offers secure shopping so your online purchase, credit card and privacy are protected.

You can check through consumer protection agencies like the Better Business Bureau site to see if there is a reliability report on the online retailer who offers bedroom furniture.

The next step is critical. Call the retailer and talk with a customer service representative about the bedroom furniture. If you can't get a real person on the phone easily who speaks your language, move on. This means the company representative will most likely not be available when you need them the most, like if something goes wrong with the delivery or the items arrive damaged.

When you are talking with a customer service representative, ask any questions you may have about the bedroom furniture, shipping, total purchase price or delivery timeframe. Get a quote emailed to you for your records to be sure there are no added fees or hidden charges.

By getting the information you need to make a smart purchase, you're also checking out the company. Will the company step in and assist you if there are problems with the delivery or the product? By collecting this information, you can ask yourself: Do I feel confident with this purchase?

3. When and how


Can the bedroom furniture be delivered in the time that you want it? Some online retailers can deliver your furniture to your door in two to three weeks, others may quote two months. Be sure to get a timeframe from the retailer, so you can be sure you can get the furniture when you want it. You may be renovating a room or your whole house, so a longer delivery timeframe may work just fine.

Is the delivery insured? What happens if the delivery of the bedroom furniture is damaged? How are you protected? You should receive this information in a written email with contact information and the process to follow if a product is damaged.

What kind of delivery is it? Will the freight company bring the boxes to your door or is it a curbside delivery? Maybe you need a quote for White Glove Services, which is bringing the furniture into your home or assembling it for you. Be sure to get all the facts, so you're not unpleasantly surprised the day of delivery of your bedroom furniture.

4. Make a confident purchase

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If you do decide to purchase bedroom furniture online, be sure to get all the facts. On the online retailer's website, look for information on shipping, the company's product guarantee, troubleshooting and contact information. This will insure you will have confidence in your purchase and trust in the online retailer.

If you're thinking of buying bedroom furniture online this holiday season, these simple tips should make your decision much easier.

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