Top 5 Platform Bed Styles

Posted on Jan 30, 2017

No matter what your design sensibility, there is a platform bed out there for you! Below are the top 5 design trends in platform beds so read on and find the style that best suits your taste and needs.

Platform Bed Style #1:

Japanese Platform Beds

raku tatami bed

For hundreds of years, Japanese beds have followed the same simple and practical form that serves as the basic model for platform beds - a sturdy frame built low to the ground with supporting slats that run down the middle. In Japan, tatami mats made of natural fiber are laid on top of the slats. During the day, this basic platform bed frame with mats serves as a sitting area. At night, a futon is rolled out and the set-up becomes a bed to sleep on. The same low profile, modest construction and straightforward aesthetic holds true for the Japanese platform bed style today. You can either place your mattress directly on the slats or add tatami mats for extra firmness in order to create a simple yet handsome platform bed.


Platform Bed Style #2:

Contemporary Platform Beds

tokyo bed

The contemporary platform bed reflects the same low profile, streamlined concept as the Japanese platform bed. The difference is that contemporary platform beds incorporate added design features such as headboards, wide side rails and nightstands to complement the platform bed frame. The entire ensemble is marked by a sleek, minimalist design that exudes Zen simplicity as well as contemporary sophistication.


Platform Bed Style #3:

Traditional Platform Beds

notting hill bed

The traditional platform bed combines the sturdy construction of the platform bed with classic bedroom furniture styles. The traditional platform bed includes a slat-support frame set on higher legs and carved headboards that typically resemble popular Craftsman and Mission style designs. The result is a platform bed that offers all the up-to-date support of a platform bed coupled with a look that we all know and love.


Platform Bed Style #4:

Upholstered Platform Beds

cloud bed

One of the newer trends in platform bed design is the upholstered platform bed. Furniture designers are creating fanciful or playful effects using padded upholstery. Some upholstered platform beds resemble soft, puffy clouds while other platform bed styles are more restrained with tapered lines or are more classic with tufted accents. While the upholstered platform bed usually retains the low-to-the-ground profile, all other design possibilities seem limitless.


Platform Bed Style #5:

Storage Platform Beds

rajah bed

As the modern platform bed continues to evolve, its functionality adapts as well. Now that platform bed frames can be raised onto legs of a more traditional height, storage drawers can be incorporated underneath. The modern platform bed now serves two functions – a sleeping area and a storage area. This allows for a less cluttered, more streamlined bedroom that, in turn, creates a more soothing, relaxing sleeping environment. The storage platform bed offers a win-win situation!

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