Eco-Friendly Storage Platform Beds & Milieu Therapy

Posted on Mar 10, 2014


Although Milieu therapy is often used in the field of mental-health and social-services, it is also a definitive term (and a process) that refers to the way a person, a family or a group of housemates can occupy, organize and decorate their domestic environment to create the most harmonious conditions for cultivating and maintaining a deeper sense of well-being in the home. Milieu is the French word for “middle place”, so we could think of it as a nice, safe ‘middle ground’ that everyone can appreciate. The beauty of expanding milieu therapy beyond a clinical setting in this way is that you and your family and/or your housemates are the ‘therapists’ or interior designers who make the practical and aesthetic decisions regarding the content and layout of your home and how it serves your purposes and pleases you the most. At a time when the world around us is changing so fast, whether we like it or not, you still have the power and the flexibility to create the reality of your domestic environment and how it positively influences your daily life.

Storage platform beds offer a creative way to apply this therapeutic concept by making it easy and simple to organize your bedclothes and other personal items related to sleep, rest and relaxation, without having to walk across the room. Canopy platform beds add a quality of elegance to a bedroom’s vertical space, which is often overshadowed by the horizontal space of a bedroom’s and its four walls. The Tokyo bedroom collection represents the highest expression of contemporary furniture. In terms of quality of construction, design, comfort, and ecology, the Tokyo furniture  is a wise and aesthetically pleasing choice. Based on the Japanese minimalist themes of simplicity and harmony, and designed and manufactured in Italy from the highest quality of eco-friendly materials, the Tokyo bed is a perfect marriage between East and West as well as an individualistic way to add progressive values to your unique life-style.

For a more in depth discussion of the milieu concept and its variations, visit  And look forward to another blog in the near future about Feng Shui, which many people would consider a more ambitious and sophisticated form of milieu therapy.







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