Better Furniture Choices for a Harmonious Home

Posted on Jan 08, 2014

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Harmony is defined by Webster as a “pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts”. Two synonyms for harmony are tranquility and unity. Milieu therapy is a term that refers to the way a person or a family can organize and decorate their domestic environment to create the most harmonious conditions to maintain a deeper sense of wellbeing. One could say that furniture is the most basic element for creating a harmonious home filled with beauty and a sense of peace. Haiku Designs takes these principles seriously, offering bedroom furniture, dining-room furniture, gifts, and accessories sets that will easily foster the aesthetic unity that can turn your home into a place of tranquility after a long day at work or a short moment of chaos.

When making furniture and home décor choices it is always a good idea, to keep the bigger picture in mind, envisioning your home as journey from one unique room to another, with your total home becoming something that is greater than the sum of its parts. In the process, keep a keen eye for the kind of style that might suit your domestic needs, what feels good to you and what type of décor creates a sense of harmony and relaxation for yourself.  It is also good to remember that harmony is not just limited to external contours or textures; it also includes the internal and eco-friendly construction of a platform bed or rice paper lamp or Shoji screen or throw carpet. Beautify your home-office, study or bedroom by choosing the best-fit and most pleasing combination of furniture and accessories for the place you call home.

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