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Posted on Apr 26, 2018

Nidra gives you a good nights rest
The Nidra All-Natural Inner Coil Mattress

 "  Taking a nap,
    feet planted
    against a cool wall. "

                           ~ Bashō Matsuo

One translation of the Sanskrit word Nirda is the Goddess of Sleep. Another meaning is geared more towards a meaning of Deep Sleep or meditative sleep or what has sometimes been referred to as “Yogic Sleep” or “Physic Sleep” referring to that space of deep relaxation between wakefulness and sleep. With an estimate of almost 1/3 of the American population suffering from sleep problems and sleep issues, it is clear that anything that can help give a better nights sleep is a big plus.  

At any rate, Deep sleep or Nidra sleep is something that most of us can use, and a deep and restful good nights sleep supports an ever-expanding list of health benefits ranging from a better immune response, fewer allergies, better brain health, less stress to the nervous system, and more and more.

Nidra All-Natural Mattress

The Nidra All Natural Sleep Mattress - A Healthy Way to Sleep

Our Nidra All Natural Sleep mattress is a great investment and a good place to start in building and creating a better night rest for oneself. 

The All-natural components mean no toxic chemical compounds, styrene, or flame retardant chemicals. This cuts down and eliminates the off-gassing of chemicals into the sleeping environment.

The use of all Natural Cotton, Stitched cover and a 100% wool liner instead further reduces exposure to chemical fibers. The Natural wool liner serves as a flame retardant as well as wicking moisture away from the body, cutting down on night sweats, cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

Sleep well like a kitten

The nested Inner Coils, encased in a sustainably produced sugar cane based fabric, provide a firm mattress base and maximum orthopedic support. The All-Natural Latex 3” inch layer provides a comfortable and pillow top feel to the mattress and Latex is far superior foam based on the Sap of the Asian rubber tree. Latex provides a luxurious feel to the mattress and also is naturally mold, allergen, and dust mite resistant, furthering the overall effect of the mattress and providing a deep and restful good nights sleep.

Try out our Goddess of Sleep…. And get off the list of the 40 million Americans with sleep issues, and get a better night sleep naturally.

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