Contemporary Platform Beds – A Great Choice of Furniture for the Bedroom

Posted on Jul 18, 2016

Modern Platform Beds


"Platforms awaken
Zen within our homes and hearts,
peaceful energy."

Are you in the market for a sleek new contemporary bed for your house or apartment? Then it’s time you looked at platform beds instead of traditional bed frames. Platform beds have become extremely popular because not only are they beautiful, they are also very practical. Read on to see the many advantages of platform beds so you can decide if it is right for you. 

Fresh and Modern Style: 

Most platform beds follow the clean and modern aesthetic that does extremely well with the contemporary design. These types of beds usually don’t need bed skirts, so it’s easy to achieve a streamlined look that is never fussy. Switching to a modern or contemporary platform bed can give your room an instant update, making it look more contemporary  and upbeat.


King Platform Bed

Box springs and other such foundations aren’t required by platform beds. This type of bed frame has either a flat platform or slat platform to support the mattress. This design saves a lot of money. You might even sleep better without uncomfortable springs pinching your back.


Because the mattress rests directly on the platform, the sleeping surface becomes firmer—which can be great for those who prefer denser support. In addition to this, the flat platform and low height also causes this type of bed to be more stable than other types of frames—making it perfect for those who tend to toss and turn in their sleep as well as for heavier people who require a sturdy bed. And since platform beds are designed to be low to the ground, they are suitable for shorter users. The design is likewise appropriate for memory foam mattresses.

Healthier Sleeping Environment:

Platform bed use a series of solid wood slats upon which the mattress rests. This not only offers ample and strong support for the mattress, it also allows air to percolate and circulate up through the bed frame and mattress. This constant exchange of air through the Sleeping Environment cuts down on dust mites,  molds and other allergens.  What this  means to you, is less stress on the body and immune system and better, healthier good nights rest. 

Extra Storage:

Some platform beds are built in with storage drawers under the platform or on one (or both) long sides of the bed. Such designs are great for people who live in city apartments where space is a premium and where every inch of storage space is useful. You can use this storage feature to keep toys (if the platform bed is in the children’s bedroom) or to keep out-of-season clothing and even extra bedding.

Wide Range of Designs:

You will find an extensive selection of platform beds online—including modern, Japanese, and European styles.  From economical tatami beds to luxurious European-made versions in lush leathers and fabrics, you will surely find a bed that fits your budget and preferences. 



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