Raku Tatami Japanese Platform Bed in Dark Walnut

‘Tis the season of crisp air, falling leaves, scarves, boots, and more importantly, dark, warm colors. As a completely unbiased, third-party outsider with absolutely no personal interest in the matter, I can unequivocally confirm that Autumn is the best season. Excuse me while I unpack my bags on bags on bags of warm, knit sweaters and fluffy socks all whilst sippin’ on a pumpkin spice latte. Alright, I admit I may not be the most objective person in the world when it comes to fall. It is, in fact, my favorite season, a big part of that being the colors associated with this time of the year. Dark oranges, reds, purples, browns, yellows, greens, black… all warm and earthy tones that inspire a coziness that reminds me of my childhood home. When it comes to home furnishings, dark woods pair best with these earthy color palette so it’s no wonder I prefer darker tones.

Our Raku, Tomaru and Takuma beds are now available in a stunning Dark Walnut, helping you bring that seasonal warmth into your bedroom paradise. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why are you pushing a ‘seasonal’ wood on a non-seasonal item?” Dark wood finishes are not seasonal, I’m simply helping you imagine how incredible your space would look with dark, bold colors elegantly adorning your dark wood platform bed. Picture the Raku with a dark teal comforter and gold and orange throw pillows. Or the Takuma Platform Bed with a maroon duvet cover and black and white cushions. The bedroom especially is a space that embodies warmth and comfort. Colors and wood finishes can help you heighten that feeling of coziness and relaxation. 

Tomaru Japanese Platform Bed in Dark Walnut


Takuma Japanese Platform Bed in Dark Walnut

Another exhilarating aspect of dark wood is the elegance and sophistication it radiates. Contemporary decor often features dark tones because of the luxury and gentility it represents. When redecorating your space and transforming it to a place of stylish refinement, look no further than our Takuma Platform Bed in Dark Walnut. Nobility didn’t bother with natural-finish pine, so why should you?

Fads come and go and certainly, some furniture is subject to this as well. We at Haiku Designs, focus heavily on the timelessness of a piece. We believe in durability and relevance which is why our catalog features sleek, clean designs that adapt and flow with the tides of fashion. Similar to the color black, eternally the staple of poise and sophistication, dark wood finishes such as the Dark Walnut Raku, Takuma, and Tomaru will never go out of style.