Dining with Modern Design: The Audrey Dining Room Furniture Set

Posted on Nov 14, 2014


Have you ever wondered why some modern furniture designs have splayed legs? The answer is fairly simple.  The splayed legs are better support for the cumulative mass, in technical terms….In other words, like any example of advanced engineering, this type of structure and modern design applies the laws of physics by transferring weight to the center of gravity. If Einstein had a chair like this, he may have completed his Unified Field Theory before he passed away into the ether. Extending the metaphor of mathematics, let’s take a closer look:  The Audrey Dining Room furniture is an ideal expression of modern furniture design with simple modern lines and a balanced, look that suits a wide range of home interior styles.  In addition, the Audrey dining room chairs also offer comfort, along with support, with angled backs that allow one to sit upright, while leaning back just enough to relax and feel comfortable.  They are the perfect dining room chair for enjoying casual conversation and the next response from friends and relatives, while enjoying a great dinner or sumptuous glass of wine.

audrey chairAudrey Dining Room Chair

 The Ingrid and/or Estelle chairs featured with this dining furniture set, come with arms or without arms, depending on your needs. Extending our metaphor a bit more, the double ‘X’ trestle-formation of the dining-room table creates a state of dynamic tension, giving this design a sturdy base that provides diners with plenty of unobstructed leg room, in case they feel like playing footsy with each other, or being able to slide your chair in and belly up to the table without bumping your shins. Dining Room Furniture Buffets are available in four configurations to serve a wide range of storage needs, and also include the same splayed leg design.  The optional top set hutch itself incorporates adjustable and removable shelves for the storage of wine bottles, stemware and other related items.

audrey hutch

The Audrey tables, chairs and buffets are available in a number of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of almost any dining space. This gorgeous set of dining-room furniture comes in American walnut and natural cherry wood, as well as several surface finish options. 


What does this all mean for you and the upcoming Holiday Dining Together season?  Beautiful dining room furniture enhances and makes for a beautiful dining room experience and is great backdrop for a full-fledged holiday food spread. If you are getting ready to entertain your holiday visitors and guess and considering an upgrade to you dining room furniture, take a moment of your time to consider the Audrey Dining Room Furniture collection as a possible solutions to your dining needs.   

After all- it tis the season to come together in the sharing of fellowship, food, and libations and beautiful, and the Audrey Dining Room set helps makes this easy.



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