Why Dining Room Tables are still the centerpiece in today's modern family home

Posted on Apr 10, 2017

Family Dinner
Modern Families GATHER IN The dining Room

 "  April's air stirs in 
    Willow-leaves...a butterfly
    Floats and balances "

                           ~ Bashō Matsuo

It's 2017.  Your family likely spends a majority of their at home time looking at some kind of a digitized screen, absorbing what we consider too much eye-straining liquid crystal display light.  This all changes the moment you place a delicious home cooked meal down on the dining room table, call in your family, and create real moments together that aren't measured in social media likes.    

Let's face it, these days modern families congregate in two places- the living room to watch TV or gaze into their smartphones, and the Dining Room.  Family dinners have been a mainstay in our society for quite a long time now, and aren't going anywhere.  Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, built in 1772, was one of the first American homes created with the dining room in mind.  In the United States, this cultural fixture grew stronger in the post-WWII era as families sitting down to spend time with each other were regularly portrayed in popular TV shows such as Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Brunch, and just about every family sitcom aired since.


Choosing the Right Dining Room Table for your Home

Not all dining room tables are alike.  Your home needs a table that provides enough space for your family to eat, play games, do school projects, and set cumbersome laptops on top of.  It must fit into the unique aesthetic of your home while providing a sense of community when your family sits down at it.  That is why we offer an extensive line of natural dining room tables so you can find the perfect match!

Plank Natural Dining Room Furniture

Plank Live Edge Dining Room Table

This contemporary styled natural solid ash wood table features loving and warm natural tones.  With a distinctive grain pattern and true wood colors in the table top, the Plank Dining Room Table provides a unique modern style to your dining room.  Featuring two 'X' crossed steel legs, the Live Edge is a sturdy and sleek addition to your home!


Dedicate to a father of the American craft movement, Japanese/American artist George Nakashima, who won countless medals for his works throughout the 20th century.  The Mokuzai Dining Room Table is a natural dining room table styled after his works.  Hand made from sustainability harvested, solid Acacia wood, this table makes it feel like you're having a picnic outside at every meal.

Teburu Farmhouse Table

Teburu Farmhouse Dining Room Table

Built from solid wood planks made from Pine, the Teburu Farmhouse Table is designed off of the traditional box, or rectangular design is often seen in old furniture found in the American frontier.   To create that rustic traditional look the table top is only lightly sanded so its natural colors, depth variances, and mill marks remain so it may keep its natural style.

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