E-1 Certification: The Gold Standard of Green Living

Posted on Oct 28, 2016

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E-1 Certification: The Gold Standard of Green Living

"Wake, butterfly
it's late -
we've miles to go together."
                 ~ Matsu Basho

A heartening trend in modern manufacturing is a new emphasis on green production practices and the use of sustainable materials. In some sectors of society, we have a long way to go, but in general the trend definitely favors being friendly to Mother Earth. Many modern furniture manufacturers embrace this standard of conscientious business practices; E-1 Certification is awarded only to those who meet the most exacting standards.    

At Haiku Designs, Your Health is a Top Priority


In 2011, Haiku Designs introduced to the U.S market eco-friendly bedroom furniture lines that were among the very first in the U.S. to meet the strict E-1 requirements for European emissions standards. E-1 certification is a rigorous system of testing that earth-friendly manufacturers undergo in order to receive top marks in the area of toxic off-gassing. The emissions rating system, created by the European Union in Brussels, is the most exacting of its kind in the world. We are proud to work with exemplary manufacturers who care enough about the environment to pursue the coveted E-1 rating.

You can rest easy on your beautiful bed from Haiku Designs, because our manufacturers do not cut corners when creating their products. When you see the “E-1” rating in our item descriptions, it indicates a complete absence of toxic off gassing. We care a lot about your health, and the health of the environment.

Many manufacturing companies, including many major household brands, use materials in their manufacturing process that emit formaldehyde and other toxic chemical gasses. These harmful, potentially poisonous gasses – many of which are known allergens – are released into the air while you sleep. An “E-5” rating represents significant levels of off gassing. There are currently no required standards in the U.S. to control off gassing, so you should always be very careful when purchasing new furniture.

Copeland Furniture: A World Leader in Green Production Practices

Astrid Platform BEd

The visually stunning Astrid Platform Bed by Copeland Furniture is a wonderful example of the type of quality you can expect from a company famous for its conscientious production standards. The Astrid exudes simple, modern elegance, with its tapered, splayed legs reminiscent of mid century modern design, and a sleek, solid platform base. It is available as a simple platform, or with a single panel or a split panel headboard. You can also order the Astrid with integrated side tables, which help create a restful, uncluttered feeling in your sleeping environment.

The Astrid offers an incredible range of 12 unique wood finishes – Autumn Cherry, Cocoa Maple, Cognac Cherry, White Maple and 8 other gorgeous shades. You are certain to find one to harmonize with your bedroom décor. Choose from Queen, King, or California King sizes, and complete your new sleep system with our health-conscious organic futons or mattresses. We recommend a mattress thickness of 8 – 12 inches for the most comfortable sleep experience.

Copeland's Astrid Collection: A Wide Range of Matching Bedroom Pieces

To complement your gorgeous new Astrid Platform Bed, we offer a wide array of useful matching bedroom furniture. Create an entirely new environment in your bedroom by adding three, five, or six drawer dressers, a lovely TV stand, or a set of traditional nightstands with a single drawer. All pieces have the signature splayed legs, and are offered in every color choice available for the Astrid Platform Bed. Beautifully crafted, these pieces boast old-school dovetail joint construction and arrive at your door fully assembled. As always, Copeland's Water-Based Finish is completely free of formaldehyde. 

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