How the Hybrid Construction of Our All Natural Eco-Rest Futons Makes All the Difference.

Posted on May 18, 2018

Take a deep breath and relax, take in nature in your bedroom environment.East meets West — Get the best of Both Worlds

 "  My arm for a pillow,
    I really like myself,
    under the hazy moon. "

                           ~ Yosa Buson

Remember the futons you had when you were younger? For the boomer generation, it would be the futon you had in your apartment or dorm room, that you enjoyed while listening to the Allman Brother, Jethro Tull or Pink Floyd.

For Generation X it would be the Futon that you enjoyed while grooving on the Cars or Billy Idol. For younger generations, the futon would be the same and the music background would be… Well, you get the point. 

These futons were great introductory sleeping mattresses and were firm, not very expensive and easy to move around from location to location. These futons similar to traditional Japanese Style Sleep Mats or Shiki Mats and were usually composed of 2-4 inches of cotton and that was all. Very, very firm!

As we grow in years, many people still like the firm sleep, and simple design of the traditional futon they had when much younger, but need a more comfortable, and supportive sleeping surface.

This is the basic idea behind the Eco-Rest Hybrid Futon from Haiku Designs. We call it a Hybrid because we have combined the best of both worlds, the firmness of the futon with the comfort and orthopedic support of a more Western-style mattress. This Hybrid effect makes all the difference and creates a sleep surface that is in short… amazingly comfortable.

Eco-Rest Hybrid Futon with the perfect level of comfort, firmness and othropedic support.

Eco-Rest Hybrid Futon with the perfect level of comfort, firmness and orthopedic support.

We do this by starting with an Eco-Friendly core of Botanical all-natural latex. This can be from 2-6 inches depending on the size of the futon. The latex offers a wonderful slight give to the futon and also lessens the cupping or indention effect that happens with more traditional futons.

Eco-Rest Hybrid Futon on a Raku Bed

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We then surround this Latex Core with Organic Cotton, All-Natural Wool, and an Organic Cotton heavy tufted cover. This all-natural product provides not only a healthy, chemical-free sleep it also provides a firm style of a futon with the luxurious comfort of latex.

The Best of Both Worlds, where East meets West.

Eco-Rest Hybrid Futon is made with only the best materials for a healthier and more comfortable way to sleep.

The Eco-Rest Hybrid Futon from Haiku designs is an all-natural, Eco-friendly futon available in a number of different sizes and comfort levels.

Eco-Rest Hybrid Futon - Up Close and Personal Detail Layers Images

Lay back and enjoy. You can almost hear the sounds of… (Fill in your favorite band).

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