Eco-Friendly Furniture: Better for You, Better for Mother Earth

Tentai Bamboo Platform Bed

   Cedar umbrellas, off
   to Mount Yoshimo for
   the cherry blossoms.
     ~ Bashō Matsuo

As more and more consumers today are voicing concern and giving attention to what might be termed healthy living, the question arises what is “healthy living.” For most people “Healthy Living” incorporates paying attention and attempting to eat healthy, more vegetables, fewer fats and less chemical additives and processed food. In addition that terms could include lifestyle choices such as more exercise, less stress, more yoga, and mindfulness practices and perhaps more connection with friends and family.

One area that people often overlook when attempting to live a more healthy lifestyle, is the choice one makes around furniture, bedding, and one’s living environment.

Tentai Bamboo Platform Bed
The Tentai Bamboo Platform Bed - Solid Bamboo Wood

Here at Haiku Designs, we specialize in furniture, Natural Mattresses, and bedding that is made using less toxic chemicals, and more natural source materials. We call this “Eco-Friendly Living” and feel it is very much and an important part of Health lifestyle choices.

Eco-Friendly Family

Most furniture manufactured today is constructed using a whole list of toxic chemical materials and finishes. Not only are these harmful to those involved in the manufacturing process and creating a furniture product, such as a bed frame, dining room table, sofa or couch. It also can be harmful to people purchasing and placing these products in their home, the end use consumer. We often get calls from people telling us that their new furniture purchased from other manufactures has a strong smell and is causing some type of allergic reaction and making them sick.

Chemicals and Dust Make you Sick

This is most often caused by VOC or Volatile Organic compounds such as formaldehyde and other off-gassing chemicals, many of which are known carcinogens. These off-gas from the furniture finishes and stains and from the furniture product itself. This is a very real health threat.

Audrey Dining Room Collection in Solid Cherry Wood
Audrey Dining Room Collection in Solid Cherry Wood

We Have a Better Way

At Haiku designs we have been concerned about the dangerous chemical used in most furniture manufacturing for over 20 years and have worked diligently to create, source and offer to our customer Eco-Friendly furniture products such as platform beds, bedroom and dining room furniture and other products that significantly reduce or eliminate these toxic chemical compounds. What that means to use is a cleaner, better, and healthier environment in which to sleep, live and play. What that means is less autoimmune disease, fewer allergies reactions and a big step into a Healthier Lifestyle.

We call it Eco-Friendly Living and we welcome you consider and take a look at our Eco-Friendly Lifestyle lines. They are both good for you and your family they also are good and help support a cleaner Environment, and a Healthier Planet.

Haiku Designs: Good for you and Good for Mother Earth