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Posted on May 20, 2016

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When shopping for new furniture, your immediate focus is on timeless beauty and quality craftsmanship. These days, another important factor to consider is the energy consumption involved in producing those goods. Energy-efficient manufacturing processes reduce the environmental cost of producing your home furnishings. It makes sense to seek out handcrafted or assembled products that reduce energy usage. Considering all the thought you put into recycling and conserving energy in your own home, the last thing you probably want is to negate those efforts by supporting companies who indulge in wasteful, irresponsible manufacturing practices.


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Luckily, there are a number of high-end furniture manufacturers in today's market who place great emphasis on environmental conservation. One such company is Vermont-based Copeland Furniture, founded in the late 1970s and now an industry leader in eco-friendly manufacturing. Copeland's furniture designs Their designers create beautiful pieces with clean, uncluttered lines, drawing on several creative movements: Scandinavian, Mission, Shaker, and Arts & Crafts. The end result is a transitional style that is not contemporary or traditional, but rather a harmonious blend of classic proportions and modern simplicity.

Copeland Furniture's creations are built in-house using the best materials available, employing environmentally-friendly processes that are reflected in each piece of furniture they create. The company mission statement prioritizes preservation and stewardship of the local forests that provide the rich hardwoods they source. Copeland sources all the quality hardwoods they use from local forests within 500 miles of their facilities, significantly reducing their carbon footprint. The organization holds these local resources in very high regard – they also heat their energy-efficient building entirely with wood waste from their manufacturing operation, which significantly reduces consumption of imported oil.

COntour in Walnut

Many of Copeland's other earth-friendly practices are truly innovative. A custom box-making machine allows them to reduce packaging purchases by producing only what they need. The company also recycles all packaging waste, to reduce dependency on landfill disposal. All pieces are finished in a post-catalyzed conversion varnish that is Greenguard certified for low chemical emissions. Greenguard certification is a UL (Underwriters Laboratory) testing program focused on improving indoor air quality, and is a good indicator of a company's level of environmental consciousness.

The environmental impact of Copeland's factory and the environmental cost of the furniture they produce are among the lowest in the industry, and they are not alone in their efforts to go green. Today, the best manufacturers craft quality pieces that will be handed down for future generations, doing so in ways that help ensure that those future generations will have a natural world to enjoy. Every piece of furniture on offer at Haiku Designs is produced by a company that places recycling and energy conservation among their top priorities. When choosing new pieces for your home, you can rest easy knowing that these forward-thinking furniture companies share your commitment to the future of our planet.

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