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Posted on May 03, 2018

Zen Scene - Rain drops falling lightly on a pond.
Come to rest with the tomaru Japanese platform bed

 "  The old pond;
    a frog jumps in,
    splash. "

                           ~ Bashō Matsuo

In Japan, Tomaru can be translated as "Come to rest" and our Tomaru Platform Bed is the perfect expression of simple comfort, and what is sometimes called Asian fusion design. The Tomaru Bed embodies the Zen principles of simplicity, and balance with an end result that is both comfortable to the senses and pleasing to the eye. Untie your shoes, take a load off, and “Come to rest” on the new Tomaru low-profile platform bed.   

The idea of Asian fusion is that it incorporates many of the principals found in Japanese and Asian furniture memes such as simplicity in style, and of being in harmony with nature, and at the same time combining it with a look that is purely modern. The end result is a beautiful and unique bed, which will quickly become a favorite addition to your bedroom.

Turning your home into a peaceful place to rest and meditate is a unique way to detach yourself from the world, and the Tomaru Bed offers a helpful way to add some tranquility to your home.

Zen relates to a state of focus and being. It involves the technique of meditation to release your mind of all the worries and burdens that may be weighing heavily on you at that moment. Zen furnishings is all about providing that simple and minimalist appeal, offering items that allow you to focus your energy and thoughts on more important and influential things in your life.

Come to Rest with the Tomaru Japanese Platform Bed

Take a deep breath and come to rest with the Tomaru Platform Bed

From modern meditation furniture to serenity seating units, the Tomaru Platform Bed will surely have you feeling more peaceful and at ease no matter what's happening in your life.

Simplistic Zen Living Room Scene

Simplify your space with our Japanese Furniture

One of the great benefits of the Tomaru bed is that it made from all natural and non-toxic materials. Many health-conscious consumers, today, are concerned about the number of toxins of synthetic materials found where they sleep. Many of our competitors’ furniture is still being manufactured using a slew of toxic compounds and paints.

We have taken a different approach, the Tomaru is naturally beautiful and a healthy alternative. There is nothing synthetic in our bed, including no particle board, or toxic glues that off-gas into the sleeping area. This attractive bed is made from solid wood and natural-based stains, our Tomaru bed is an all-natural product made in harmony with the environment.

The Tomaru Platform Bed is a way to approve both your sleep and your health with its all-natural materials!

This Japanese platform bed is made of 100% solid Para hardwood from Indonesia, which is sustainable, harvested and an environmentally friendly wood. The Parawood tree, also known as the rubber tree, is valued for its overall strength, dense wood grain, and attractive light color. It is also prized as an environmentally friendly wood since the wood is plantation-harvested from grown rubber trees that have been cut down at the end of their latex-producing cycle.

Come to Rest with the Tomaru Japanese Platform Bed - Up Close and Personal Detail Images

The Tomaru creates the perfect sleeping environment by allowing air to circulate throughout the mattress and sleeping area, an essential element of our Total Sleep Care System.

The Tomaru works perfectly with any style mattress, futon, and latex or memory foam mattress and is ideally suited for our Eco Rest Organic Futon or our Nidra Latex Comfort Mattress. The Tomaru bed frame only needs a mattress, no need for a box spring.

Come to Rest with the Tomaru Japanese Platform Bed, Simplify Your Space

Experience the beauty of simplicity with Haiku Design's Tomaru Bed.

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