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Posted on Apr 07, 2016

Tiny House


"Things, things, and more things,
Cluttering the mind and soul
Quietude wants less."

The typical American house boasts about 2,600 square feet of living space. The costs associated with paying for a large house, and the taxes and upkeep on a large house, can be astronomical: most Americans spend at least 15 years of their working lives simply paying for the roof over their heads. The cost of such a lifestyle often forces homeowners to live paycheck to paycheck, and discourages many renters from buying homes in the first place. Is there a solution to this growing concern? 


Living in a tiny house requires a significant adjustment to the way we go about our daily activities. Because space is limited, tiny house occupants must carefully consider which items are actually necessary, and which are superfluous. Much ingenuity goes into designing or adapting items to serve multiple purposes. However, tiny houses are not without style. In fact, many tiny houses epitomize modern elegance in minimalist design

When space is at a premium, furniture should perform multiple functions, and look great while doing it. Our superb collection of platform storage beds with drawers add storage and versatility to a small room, while creating a highly appealing environment that encourages relaxation and contemplation. Today's sofa beds are a far cry from the cumbersome, spring-loaded couches of prior decades. Ours showcase original styling that belies their function. Some examples borrow features from retro and mid century modern designs, while others put a subtle spin on the timeless qualities that make traditional pieces so appealing. Still others embody the spirit of  Eastern design, invoking feelings of stillness and serenity. 


Tiny house communities are groups of modern thinkers who have chosen to downsize their lives in material ways. The average tiny house has a square footage of 100 to 400 square feet (some examples are slightly larger, up to 1,000 square feet.) The miniscule dimensions of a tiny house result in a a drastically reduced carbon footprint, which appeals to the environmentally conscious. Tiny houses also come with tiny price tags, making them affordable for people who might not otherwise be able to afford a house, and eliminating years of debt for people who would otherwise be living in overly large houses. Tiny houses are popular the world over, and many designers offer tiny house floor plans to the public free, open-source format, to encourage more people to adopt the lifestyle. One thing is certain: when sacrificing square footage, there is no need to sacrifice style. 

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