It’s happening! As the leaves change, the temperatures drop, and my winter-clothes-filled space bags make their much anticipated comeback, our focus shifts towards family gatherings and holiday celebrations. Can our dining room accommodate our grand, vibrant families? Can the table fit all of mom’s decadent baked goods? Will our sofas seat all the sports enthusiasts trying to catch a glimpse of the game? Shucks! Not to mention the unfinished guest bedroom. Haiku Designs is here to help you create a warm and inviting home for all your loved ones to come together in harmony and joy over these next few months. So put down that pumpkin spice latte, ‘cause we’re gonna talk home decor and furniture trends for this Fall!


Let’s start with dining tables! The center of so many family gatherings. The place we all literally converge to share a moment of togetherness and a plate or two of mamma's famous stuffing. The dining table can, by many, be considered the heart of the home- a symbol of unity- so opt for a beautiful table, artfully crafted in solid wood, with an extension mechanism to accommodate everyone that wants to join. Warm wood tones accentuate that feeling of homey comfort while the solid wood construction is representative of the strength and sturdiness of familial ties and friendships. Our Exeter Double Leaf Extension Table is the perfect piece for those extra large families wishing to spend some quality time together. Another incredible choice is the Catalina Trestle Extension Table which features a single, self-storing butterfly leaf to be employed when needed and put away when not.


The next most important room during the holiday season is the living room. Making sure you have plenty of comfortable seating for your guests is crucial. If you have the space for a larger than life solution, the best would be to opt for a big sectional. The Plunge and Jenn Sectionals are wonderfully wide, comfortably seating 4 across a 5th or 6th person if a couple of people don’t mind snuggling up on the foot of the chaise. Additionally the plush and fluffy Plunge is perfect for the occasional overnight guest providing you with an additional sleeping surface for whoever can’t drive home after dinner (I’m not the only amateur wine connoisseur, right?). Excuse me while I daydream about diving head-first into the warm and comfortable embrace of the Plunge Sectional. If space is at a premium, a trendy and functional solution is to introduce a couple accent tables that double as stools. Two examples are the Victor Accent Table and the Gem Outdoor Stool, which easily go from stool to table and back to stool at a second’s notice.

Lastly, our guest bedrooms often get neglected because of their rare use, but when the holiday season starts to roll around once more, we are forced to confront any unfinished projects. The time has come- lets get a bed in there. Our Kurayami Collection is a stunning, modern bedroom set with a gray oak platform bed and matching case pieces. The Haruki Collection is also incredibly popular. Its Andorra wool, upholstered headboard features a curved design which elicits a caccooning feel for your guests to feel extra cozy and comfortable in your home. The Haruki case pieces are also some of my favorite, with reversible drawer fronts that allow for a sleek uniform look or a striking, contrasting one.


Ok, now let’s talk details. Disclaimer, Fall is my favorite season and the tones and colors are a big part of that, so please excuse my enthusiasm as I badger you with reasons for filling your home with emerald greens, peacock blues, and terracotta reds. After some extensive research, hyperbolically speaking, and online “window” shopping I’ve concluded that bold colors and patterns are making a comeback this Fall. Blue and emerald velvet seating either as a sofa or accent chair, are a great way to add a pop of color to your space while simultaneously introducing a texture that exudes warmth, comfort, and luxury. Pair your new sofa or chair with a blush throw pillow or a soft, mustard-yellow blanket and you’ve got yourself a sophisticated, charming living space that will gracefully welcome your many guests to chat and catch up while dinner is ready. Perhaps colors aren’t your thing. In that case you could go with a timeless, elegant leather sofa such as the Castle or Kirby. These bold and powerful pieces can be beautifully paired with some print or brick colored throw pillows for a trendy twist on a modern staple. 

Of course, there also exists the scenario where you, the festivities veteran, are perfectly prepared for the oncoming crowds. In that case, Haiku is here to help you add the accent piece that will take your home decor to the next level. This year, natural stone pieces have been incredibly popular and Fall is no exception. Our Agate, Amethyst, and Green Fluorite tables tackle two emerging, accent trends: natural stone, and brass or gold, Art Deco inspired detailing. This season we’re taking it back to a past era of glamour and luxury. If neutral tones are more your taste, a bold, unique coffee table such as the Archimedes will allow your inner fashionista to shine through. 

In conclusion, warm, bold tones and daring accents are so hot right now. Angular, dark, solid wood tables and velvety soft seating will inspire harmony and peace. During times of such national turmoil, coming together to honor our love and shared humanity is of utmost importance. Have that place in which everyone feels welcome. Create that space that no one wants to leave. Build that home where unity and empathy reign. There truly is a calmness and tranquility to Fall that encourages introspection. While I pause to admire the changing leaves in the crisp autumn air, I’m stunned by the beauty and confronted with the reality that we all experience this same earth. Regardless of differing experiences or circumstances, we are indeed one people. Let’s celebrate that.