Float on a Floor of Tatami Mats

Posted on Oct 25, 2017


 "  All the day long-
    yet not long enough for the skylark,
    singing, singing.  "

                           ~ Bashō Matsuo

As opposed to having a cheap, unnatural particle board core, faithful Tatami mats have a rice straw interior and a rush grass exterior, forming a true and traditional marriage in the Japanese spirit. It takes more time to manufacture a mat layered with straw that comes from rice, but the end result is more durable over the course of time.    

In addition to these assets, Tatami mats are also warm to the touch of bare feet, and although they’re firm, they’re not too hard, which makes them akin to a sprung-wood dance-floor, providing flexible support to the spinal column as well as every joint in the body. Mats made with these natural materials also have the added benefit of not producing any toxic off-gassing like carpets made from chemicals and synthetic fibers, which can off-gas for a long period of time, causing allergic reactions and negative medical conditions for many people, especially those individuals with keen sensitivities, such as vulnerable children and elderly adults.

Tatami Mats - Up Close and Personal

Tatami Mats are the traditional japanese floor/sleeping/everything mat

Haiku Designs is very selective about the Tatami Mats they offer, and the ones they emphasize are referred to as “Kaiteki” mats, which are both strong and pleasing to the eyes. This type of mat is ideal for foyers, dining-rooms, yoga studios, game-rooms, or any room/space that gets heavy traffic. Translated into English from Japanese, Kaiteki means comfort, and yet these mats also provide great support for the body as a whole. 

Made in Taiwan for mostly Japanese customers, the Kaiteki mats are comprised of all natural materials, as they were a thousand years ago, defying the infantile practice of using toxic materials that didn’t even exist 150 years ago. To drive the natural and truly traditional point home, the rush grass straw acts as a tenacious barrier, earning the Kaiteki mat the coveted "Best Grade #1" rating, which simply means that it has very little or no visible flaws in the pattern of the straw. As a significant footnote, the mat is then fortified with muscular clothe around the perimeter or edges to prevent it from getting warped in any way

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Please contact us anytime by telephone on weekdays or email on weekends for more information about Tatami mats or other alternative, eco-friendly products. We also have periodic sales and discounts so keep an eye out for those ongoing opportunities. 


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