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Posted on Jun 28, 2018

The Moduluxe Platform Bed Set.
Learn the Advantages of the Floating Bed Design

 "  Summer in the world;
    floating on the waves
    of the lake. "

                           ~ Matsuo Bashō

There are a lot of advantages to the platform bed design over traditional beds. Many of our platform beds use a solid wood slat system that supports the mattress and eliminates the need for a box spring. This allows air to circulate up through the slats and sets up a circulating air exchange in the mattress. This cuts down on allergens, dust mites and mold which creates a healthier sleeping environment. Other platform beds use a flat piece of wood for the mattress support, again eliminating the foundation or box spring requirement. Another advantage is that the platform style of construction allows for a more modern, simple, and low profile look, making the furniture the center of attention instead of the mattress.

The Floating Look

The Verona Platform Bed

Verona Platform Bed in Walnut

Another very attractive advantage is that the simpler bed frame design allows for what we call the “Floating Bed” look. This creates the illusion that the bed appears to float off of the floor. This is not only very visually appealing but also in line with many of today’s popular modern furniture design trends.

The Mikado Platform Bed

The Mikado Platform Bed in Cherry

This is done not by sleight of hand or a Las Vegas magic trick but by placing the bed frame on a recessed pedestal base or recessed leg structure. This provides plenty of stability for the bed, equal to or greater than a traditional bed frame. When combined with a contemporary design theme, and a low profile bed frame and headboard the overall look is appealing and helps create a clean uncluttered appearance.

Another style of floating platform bed uses a sturdy, clear styrene leg piece with a covered wood headboard floor based support. The Tramonto platform bed offers that amazing floating appearance and the additional benefit of a lighted headboard. This creates a look that can only be described as amazing.

The Tramanto Platform Bed

The Tramonto Platform Bed

Here at Haiku Designs, we offer several floating platform beds complete with matching nightstands, dressers and high chests. Our primary focus is dedicated to helping you in crafting home, bedrooms, or dining rooms that are more than just a room with a piece of furniture. We specialize in helping our customers create that special look or space that offers a sense of relaxation, repose, and balance.

Designs that Create Simplicity, Shelter that Creates Tranquility.

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