Remember the bedding and furniture you need for guests

Posted on Nov 06, 2012

Bedding and furniture needs for guests

Guest Furniture

For many people, November and December mean an increase in the number of guests in their homes. Those guests range from friends coming over for dinner on the big days, to extended family members staying for a few days, a week, or more. Before the busy times get here, it’s good to stop and think about what your furniture and bedding needs are for those guests.

Evening Guests

For guests that will just be around for an evening, say, dinner and drinks, there are a few items that might help. If you’ve put off buying that new table and chairs, thanks to summer, sending the kids off to school, then Halloween, now is a great time to look at what you need.

Sometimes, you don’t need a brand new dining room set, you just need some extra pieces to help out with the load. Adding a buffet can give you more space for storage and for serving, and can help accent your dining area. More chairs might definitely come up, as a shortage of chairs often changes the dynamic of your meals together.

There are other times where your old dining table just isn’t going to cut it, or your chairs are no longer in a condition to have guests. Having a new table can impress your guests, but more importantly it can give you the space and stability to treat your guests well.

In choosing your new dining set, remember the needs that you have. Certainly there are the normal considerations, such as color, how a new table works with your décor, and so on.

Pagoda tables

But don’t forget your physical needs too. Is the table the right size, and does it have enough room for guests? Do you prefer a table with extensions, adding area temporarily and then allowing for a smaller table? Does the set have enough chairs?

Don’t forget your living room area too, with evening guests. Most of us have been in that position when you visit a home, and there are simply not enough places for everyone to sit. There are sometimes not even enough places to set a drink or hors d'oeuvres down.

If you have a little extra space, there are a few things to consider. New, small tables are easy enough to add, and also easy enough to move out of the living room later on if needed. Lounge chairs add nice, comfortable seating as well, and a new sofa helps well with a larger crowd.

Overnight Guests

For those guests staying overnight, or even for a few days, it’s important to make them feel comfortable. Sometimes it’s as simple as picking up new bedding, and other times new furniture can help out.

If you already have enough furniture, maybe just add some new bedding to it. Mattress toppers can add new life to an older mattress, giving a mattress a softer feel and your guests a better sleep. A new comforter, even new sheets, can make your existing furniture feel new, and your guests will be refreshed.

In some cases, you might just need a small addition to make things work. A sleeping mat or futon, even just on floor, can help with extra guests. You can even roll the mats up and get them out of the way during the day, which might be very important in a busy house of guests.

If you have a guest room, adding a platform bed is an easy way to offer more space for guests. Twin size for a smaller space, or even up to King if you have the room, a platform bed offers not only a great space to sleep, but a relaxing area for your guests if they need a quiet moment.

corfu sofabed

If you don’t have a full guest room, often a sleeper sofa is a great choice. For your evening guests, it gives them a place to sit and talk. For your overnight guests, it’s easy enough to pull out for their space and comfort. With sizes ranging from full to queen, you’re sure to meet the needs all of your guests with one piece of furniture.

Comfort for all, short term and long term

Whatever the needs of your guests are, there is always the balance of purchasing for both the short term and long term. Keep in mind that whatever you purchase for your guest needs, you’ll be using in your home for years to come.

  • Choose pieces that fit with the aesthetic of the rest of your home.
  • Especially with size, the new pieces need to work with your existing home.
  • Consider how you’ll store extra chairs, sleeping mats, and even futons for the rest of the year, or if you’ll continue to use them all year
  • Purchase bedding that you’ll be happy to use yourself, especially if you don’t have guests very often.

Having guests gives you a great chance to look at your furniture needs, and decide what you need to purchase or renew. Whether it’s as simple as adding some new bedding, or replacing and adding new pieces, it’s a great time to think about what your home needs. Think about those needs both for now with your guests, and year round for your family.

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