The Home as Sanctuary Furniture Resolution for 2014

Posted on Jan 03, 2014

new years eve

Christening a new year often involves setting ambitious goals and making positive changes in one’s life-style.  Perhaps it is setting a list of New Year’s resolutions, which can range from a promise to get to the gym more often, or to finally clean out that corner of the garage, which has been crying for attention.  One great New Year’s resolution one is to change the your point-of-view by looking of how you look upon your home.  Instead of a seeing your home as a endless lists of bills to take care of, or a to-do list of repairs, consider your domicile as a sanctuary, a special place where you can relax, rejuvenate and reinvent your life for the next twelve months and beyond.  We call this “Home as Sanctuary”, and this idea we call the “Home as Sanctuary New Year Resolution.  In this spirit of reinvention and resolutions, Haiku Designs offers is pleased to offer a wide range of furniture, mattresses, and styles to beautify your home, and that begins with the rooms where you spend the most quality time, such as your bedroom or perhaps your dining-room. Consider the simple beauty of Asian Design, or perhaps the elegance of modern Italian furniture.  Inspire yourself and  re-design and harmonize your home with eco-friendly tables, chairs, lamps, platform beds, sofa beds, dressers, nightstands, and aesthetically pleasing artwork. If making a new start for you involves all things organic, then, consider one of  state-of-the-art organic bedding and all natural mattresses to replace that old mattress that just doesn’t meet your needs any longer.

And Finally…A New Year’s Wish for a healthy, harmonious and wonderful 2014

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