Over the holidays we spent a lot of time focusing on dining room and living room makeovers because of the dinners we’d be serving, the family members we’d be accommodating, and parties we’d all be hosting. But now it’s time to rethink our bedrooms. The most intimate room in our homes, the bedroom is our secret oasis. Our place to rest and unwind, our retreat from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. If you’re thinking of freshening up your bedroom or want to give it a complete makeover, have I got some inspiration for you!


Arata: Contemporary Minimalism

Powerful yet sleek and stylish, our best selling Arata Japanese Platform Bed can transform any space into a contemporary haven. Its low profile, upholstered headboard, and accompanying side tables command the room and make styling the rest of your bedroom quite easy… keep it simple. The Arata Japanese Platform Bed is ideal for those wishing to achieve the Zen Modern, minimalist space: those seeking a stylish retreat of subtle grandeur. Complete the look with a white, contemporary dresser, gray area rug, and some thin, barely-there lighting fixtures. Design tip: the color of the case pieces does not need to match the bed perfectly and you can use that opportunity to decide whether you’d like your space to be brighter (white dresser and bench) or bolder (dark gray dresser and accent chair). Colors should be complementary, not necessarily the exact same shade. 


Haru: Cozy Chic meets Mid-Century

The Haru Bedroom Collection combines Contemporary and Mid-Century Modern themes to create a stunning collection that is both warm and effortlessly chic. The sheltered headboard, elegantly upholstered in Andorra wool, wraps you in a cozy embrace as you drift off to sleep. The matching case pieces also come with a little secret...the drawer fronts are reversible! Start out with the black side for a truly stunning, uniform look, then switch it up and create an exquisite, contrasting effect that adds both intrigue and warmth to an otherwise cooler color palette. Complete the look with a solid color area rug, a contemporary room divider, and a sleek floor lamp. Design tip: don’t let the multi-color Haru Collection scare you. Yes, it is perfectly beautiful on its own; however, it’s still a neutral color palette, meaning you have plenty of room to experiment with some accent pops of color to truly personalize your space.


Serra: Urban Townhome

Combat the coldness of the city with warmth and beauty of solid Black Walnut. This Serra Collection is the perfect canvas for the artist within you. Clean, straight lines and tapered legs perfectly complement the walnut by not detracting from its beauty with unnecessary ornate details. What this also means is that the interior designer within you has free range when deciding on the details such as lighting, bedding, and wall art. Pair with some warm colors and a Mid-Century accent chair for a more retro look, or pair with some cooler tones and some Contemporary lighting for a cosmopolitan space. Take it even further by pairing the Serra Platform Bed with some Traditional Design case pieces for a transcendent, Transitional space that is as multi faceted as you, the individual. Design tip: add some texture to your space with a shaggy rug in a neutral color, and some plants for added freshness and color.


Madagascar: Beautiful Disaster

I love this bedroom for one reason: it’s wild! There’s a vintage trunk console table, a variety of very large plants, furry poufs and pillows, iron table lamps with jewels... A SHEEP! Granted, some may not find this room attractive or functional, but when searching for inspiration I like to see range and extremes of what can be done. This bedroom shows us a multitude of seemingly opposed elements that can coexist beautifully and harmoniously. The Madagascar Platform Bed with its live-edge headboard and black, steel legs has both industrial and organic elements. The Davy Jones Console Table and iron table lamps accentuate the Madagascar’s industrial side while the plants complement the natural curves of the solid Acacia, live-edge headboard. The poufs add both texture and extra seating, and the sheep adds a “why not” factor that I find exhilarating. Design tip: go wild!


Samara: Velvety Dream

Blue velvet and a white duvet… if that isn’t celestial I don’t know what is. This fully upholstered, velvety platform bed with rounded edges makes sleeping on a cloud a reality. Pairing the Samara Platform Bed with a natural stone side table creates a stunning visual: a stylized interpretation of earth and sky. Complete the look with a beautiful cream colored area rug and matching blue velvet accent chair. Design tip: let nature be your inspiration. Our natural world is filled with beauty and ideas for both color and texture combinations. Also consider pendant lighting for your space! Pendants are not only chic, but also free up table top and floor space. 


Whether you’re more minimalist in your design goals, a bit more on the reserved side, or fully free spirited, I hope the above was able to provide some inspiration for you as you set out to create your personal oasis. Your bedroom is your selfish place. Make it beautiful, make it unique, make it the cozy perfection...make it you.