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Posted on May 11, 2016

Audrey Dining

Earth-friendly Changes that Benefit You

A moonless night. Life's
blank canvas, patiently, waits
for transformation...

We are bombarded daily with admonishments to make green living a priority. So often, we are told that saving our beloved planet is worth the personal sacrifices we make in terms of comfort and convenience. However, there is more to the zero-waste philosophy than dedicating the far corner of your garden to a messy compost pile and alloting valuable real estate in your purse to reusable shopping bags. There are many ways you can go green that will actually enrich your home, and add a bit of luxury to everyday activities.

One encouraging trend in contemporary home furnishings is an emphasis on eco friendly furniture. Copeland Furniture is one company that embraces this mission, producing heirloom-quality furniture while incorporating truly impressive green policies. Copeland uses only sustainably harvested American Northern Forest hardwoods found within 500 miles of their manufacturing center, drastically reducing the amount of fossil fuel used to transport their materials. They are dedicated to low chemical emissions and maintain a stringent reduced waste policy. Due to their exacting standards, Copeland is one of the few furniture manufacturers to be awarded Silver Exemplary Membership Status by the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Their stunning Audrey Dining Room Set is a lovely statement piece that speaks to your dedication to the environment, while enriching your home with the warm glow of natural hardwood.


Bento Box

Eco friendly dining furniture is only the first of many ways you can update your dining habits. If you haven't already succumbed to the charm of bento boxes, you owe it to yourself to look into this on-trend alternative to paper lunch bags and plastic zip-lock baggies. These Japanese lunch boxes are as decorative as they are useful, and the originality that goes into their design is often quite impressive. Add a little luxury to lunchtime when you are “brown-bagging it” at work, by investing in an adorable new bento box.

Treat yourself to your morning latte, without that little tinge of guilt you feel when you toss away the paper cup. Endulge in a little retail therapy, and find a reusable thermal coffee mug that exactly suits your personality. Most baristas are more than happy to fill your cup, if it will save a disposable one from a landfill. Find a cup that you'll be proud to carry, and the little boost you'll get in the morning won't be just from caffeine.

Another way to go green gracefully is to purchase tea in bulk. Eliminate those wasteful commercial cardboard boxes, disposable teabags and non-biodegradable staples. Bulk tea is often higher quality than that which is mass-produced at the supermarket, which makes for a tastier cup. Search etsy or antique shops for beautiful silver or ceramic tea-balls, and add a note of artistry each time you enjoy a cuppa.

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