Handy Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress Size

Posted on Mar 29, 2017

Choosing the right mattressFinding the right mattress can be tough- Let us help you out!

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One of the most frustrating things about shopping for clothing is that sizes are anything but standardized. Sizes change over time, and differ from one brand to the next. In the 1950's, Marilyn Monroe wore a vintage size 14 – which meant that she sported an enviably tiny, 26-inch waist. (In today's sizes, she'd be closer to a size 4.) And as if that weren't confusing enough, some clothing lines have given up on traditional numbered sizes altogether, and replaced them with cheerfully vague adjectives like “Lovely,” “Gorgeous,” and "Beautiful.”    

No wonder a common shopping tactic these days is to go online, order three of everything, and return the ones that don't fit! Which would be wildly inconvenient when shopping for a mattress. 

SleepingLucky for us, then, that American mattress manufacturers began standardizing sizes around the late 1800's. (Before then, people had their beds and mattresses custom made.) Although we will vehemently defend all our mattresses as “lovely,” “gorgeous,” and “beautiful,” our labels are clearly marked “Full,” “Queen,” and “King.”

Today, if you buy a set of “Queen” sheets, you can expect them to fit your Queen mattress. And if you're replacing the Full size mattress on an antique bed in the guest room, the new one will be the same size as the old one. No muss, no fuss. So simple. 

But what if you're redecorating a new home? Or you've decided to replace outdated furniture and bedding with environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced products? Maybe you're simply rewarding yourself with the emotional lift that new furniture brings (and yes, you deserve it!) How do you know which size bed to buy? 

Common bed size differences 

  1. King. If your bedroom boasts the generous proportions of the Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel, you are pretty much free to buy any size mattress you like. Few people would object to sleeping on a King size mattress, where you can stretch and roll throughout the night without worrying about falling over – or even encountering! – the edge. King beds are also great for couples, or singletons with pets who insist on sharing the bed. However, if the dimensions of your bedroom are more in keeping with those of mere mortals' rooms, measure the room carefully before deciding on a King bed. If it will fit, and all you want to do in your room is sleep, then a King will probably work out great. But if the idea of having a multi-functional space appeals to you, consider buying a slightly smaller bed and using the leftover room to create a cozy seating area or breakfast nook.
  2. Queen. The Queen is the most popular mattress size sold in the US. For most couples, this size works just fine, especially if the master bedroom isn't large enough to accommodate a King. Queen sheets are also less expensive than King size to buy and are easier to find at vintage and antique stores, if that's your thing. As mentioned before, a Queen mattress gives you a little more floor space to work with, allowing you more room to get dressed in the morning or even add a small bistro breakfast set or a reading lamp and comfy chairs.
  3. Full/Double or Queen (for kids). Either a Full or a Queen bed is an excellent choice for both kids' rooms, depending on how large the room is. Measure the room carefully, so you can arrange the floor plan to allow for plenty of unobstructed play space. In previous decades, as children outgrew their cribs and youth beds, parents often replaced them with a Twin size bed. However, these days it's a lot more common to buy a Full or a Queen size bed for a growing tween or teen. Kids enjoy having the additional space to lounge around on as much as adults do. Another bonus – when they're old enough for college or their first apartment, they can bring their bed with them. 


Standard dimensions of American mattress sizes: 


  Width (in inches)

  Length (in inches)













  California King





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