A Simple Platform Bed - Japanese Style for Easy Comfort

Posted on Jan 31, 2014

raku bed

 In Japan, Raku can be translated as "comfort” or “simple comfort", and our Japanese Raku bed is the perfect expression of simple comfort. In a practical sense, this translates into a bed-frame that is easy to assemble and yet so secure in its assembly that it won’t come apart by sliding it into a new location.  Also referred to as the Tatami bed, and available with or with out grass straw Tatami mats; the Raku bed embodies the Zen principle of simplicity, both in its style and its harmony with nature.  This type of Japanese furniture as well as much of Japanese interior design expresses a theme that is pleasing to the senses, and a harmony in look and feel that is balanced, and welcoming.

making tatami


 The Raku Tatami platform bed is an all-natural product, which means it is eco-friendly and constructed in harmony with the environment. Made from solid wood, and non-toxic stains and finishes, the bed frame does not rely upon nails, screws or steel dowels for assembly. Instead, the corners are joined together by an ingenious yet simple slot-locking system that is sturdy and easy to put together and take apart. And is so secure it won’t squeak or rattle.  In addition it is simple to break down and take apart and move with you to your next place of residence.  The center rail does utilize three steel bolts to secure a strong foundation for the slats, which are made from solid wood with a natural finish. After putting the slats in place for a tight fit, all one does is lay the Tatami mats on top for another snug fit. The Mattress is then placed on the Tatami mats and you are ready for a great night rest. Any style of mattress will do nicely.  If you prefer a traditional futon or sleeping pad, or a Memory Foam mattress or even a thick American Style mattress, or whatever your preference, will all work great with this bed. No need for a box spring as the solid wood slats and Tatami mats support the mattress. 

Tatami mats are traditional grass straw mats used for hundreds of years in Japan as a floor covering and as a foundation for a mattress or futon.  Tatami mats are an all natural product and offer a firm support for whatever mattress your prefer. Because of the open weave of the grass straw, air can circulate and percolate through the mats and into the mattress keeping the sleeping environment fresh and eliminating mold and other allergens. 

Simple in design, Simple in construction, the Raku Tatami bedframe is a contemporary and quiet rebellion against particleboard and traditional design bed frames. Instead, it integrates natural materials with a progressive method of construction, for a wonderful, stylish and great place to lay your head.

Get Ready for a great nights rest.. Japanese Style… courtesy of the Japanese Raku  bed.



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