Keep your healthier resolutions intact this new year

Posted on Dec 05, 2012

Consider new furniture and bedding for a healthy new year

Keep your healthier resolutions intact this new year

Each new year, many of us start off with resolutions. We look forward to the new year as a rebirth of sorts, a revitalization, and we make those resolutions to try and have a better life. One of the most popular resolutions is to live a more healthy life.

That can mean quite a lot of different things. From better eating habits, to more exercise, and even through enjoying less of our vices. One resolution that can be overlooked is to have a healthier home. But that might be one of the easier resolutions to keep, since home furnishings will last through the entire year.

New Furniture 

Adding new furniture, or even changing out old furniture for new pieces, can be a great way to start off your year. Even small changes to your home can affect your health in several ways.

  • Replacing old, outdated, and even just uncomfortable furniture in your home can make living in it easier. A more comfortable sofa or living room chair can help you relax much more after a long day at work.
  • New furniture can help you organize your home in better ways. We often discuss Feng Shui as a way to keep a peaceful home, and new furniture can help you find the right tone for your life.
  • Replacing old furniture with natural and organic pieces can help your home be healthier throughout the year. Furniture made without toxins, and that don’t off-gas toxins into your home, make your whole life healthier.

New Bedding

We don’t always think of our bedding being as helpful, especially since a new furniture piece is often a larger, more visual purchase. But new bedding can help you throughout the year to be healthier. Mattresses, bedding, and linens do get older, and should be replaced from time to time.

  • Over the years of usage, bedding will wear down, and the original benefits are lost. Mattresses aren’t as comfortable, linens can be torn or worn thin, and even pillows can end up flat. Older bedding can attract dust mites as well, and can absorb bad chemicals from the environment. All of which add up to less restful sleep, and less health.
  • A new mattress or futon can help with the soreness associated with sleeping on older materials. Purchasing the right new mattress can make a world of difference in your sleep patterns, and make each day easier and healthier.
  • New linens make your bed more comfortable, and natural and organic bedding can keep dust mites and chemicals away, to give you a healthy night’s rest.
  • Even a simple change, like adding a mattress topper, can make a big difference. Maybe a new mattress isn’t required, perhaps simply adding a mattress topper can mean the difference between a good night’s rest or a restless one.

New Accessories

Often, your home doesn’t need a big change to help you have a healthy home. Adding something simple, like lamps or artwork, can help you find a balance in your home.

Brightening up a darker area of your home with a new lamp can make your home feel softer, more comfortable. Adding new art to your walls can enhance your home’s beauty, and make you feel happier.

The importance of Feng Shui

Feng ShuiUsing Feng Shui, you have a number of very practical ways to make your home healthier, and to live a happier life. Feng Shui is important for your home, and includes remedies for blocked or static energy in your space. You can get more information on our Feng Shui page here.

  • Clear out your clutter.
  • Have good quality air and good quality light in your home.
  • Define the ba gua, the feng shui energy map of your home
  • Know your feng shui birth element, which helps you to create a home that supports your personal feng shui element.
  • Know your kua number, helping you to position yourself so that you benefit throughout the day from your best or lucky feng shui directions.
  • Always be mindful of the state of your home. Nothing is static in the world of energy, so be wise and keep your home healthy and happy.

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