Latex Mattresses & Sleeping Soundly

Posted on May 28, 2014

The Latex Mattress Today


Latex mattresses represent the cutting-edge in orthopedic sleep technology. Latex is the one bedding material that combines softness and support with a unique material that relieves pressure points at the hip and shoulder while providing the necessary support for alignment of the spine.


Two advancements set today's latex apart from historical orthopedic mattresses and other kinds of mattresses:

1)   Advances in foam production produce a product that is consistent from top to bottom and left to right. Latex bedding is available in a wide range of firmness preferences, from super-soft to extremely firm. Talalay latex uses freezing, aeration, and vulcanization technologies to create mattresses with unparalleled cushion and comfort. 

2)   Layering represents the most exceptional characteristic, since layered latex beds combine firmness options for a tailored-made sleep experience. Layering allows a latex comfort layer to be superimposed on either a firmer latex layer for comfort or on a polyurethane layer for a more budget-friendly experience.

Combined with different levels or layers of firmness, latex offers an ideal sleep surface for a range of medical challenges. After experimenting to find the right mix of softness and support, a latex bed can relieve the pressure from an arthritic hip, align the spine to alleviate the pain of bulging discs, provide respite for stiff muscles, or relieve the over-stimulated nerves of fibromyalgia.


Unlike memory-foam and other mattresses, some manufacturers of latex and some retail companies Like Haiku Designs – offer latex mattresses that can be tailored to your orthopedic needs, as well as your desire for optimum comfort. In laymen’s terms (no pun intended), you can have the ‘ideal’ or systematic option of layers or mini-mattresses that comes in soft, medium and firm, all of which can be arranged, and then zipped up, any way you prefer.

For example, the firm layer could be placed on the bottom, with the soft section on the top, or the other way around, if that meets your need. Before purchasing this type of layered latex mattress, you can even make sure that the mattress is constructed or layered exactly the way you want before it’s delivered. Other types of mattresses do not offer this individualized approach, so make sure you do enough research before making such a long-term decision about your next mattress, because it may be with you for a long time to come.




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