Lucky Bamboo Revolution

Posted on Apr 21, 2016

Bamboo Dining Room


Bamboo (Bambusoideae), a flowering perennial evergreen plant in the grass family Poaceae, is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. For over 5,000 years, Dracaena (the Bamboo plant) has been a beloved symbol of luck in many Asian cultures. Practitioners of Feng Shui often recommend the introduction of the Lucky Bamboo Plant into the home, to bring the residents health, love, and good fortune. It is thought that bamboo plants bring good luck because they grow quickly and are incredibly strong.


Bamboo has long been used as a building material, due to its surprising strength and versatility. This fascinating plant has a higher ounce-for-ounce compressive strength than wood, brick, or concrete, and boasts a tensile strength that rivals steel. According to an article by Mary Roach in Discovery magazine, “a short, straight column of bamboo with a top surface area of 10 square centimeters could support an 11,000-pound elephant.”

Beauty and Sustainability

Bamboo furniture has a rich history and holds an honored place in traditional and modern culture. Not only is Bamboo beautiful and resilient, it is an environmentally sound choice as well. Because Bamboo is not a tree but a grass, certain species of bamboo plant can grow up to a meter a day. Bamboo is therefore one of the planet’s most eco-friendly, rapidly renewable resources: a new plant is ready to harvest after only three to six years, and regrows immediately after harvest. Then, for the life of the plant, it will grow tall enough to harvest every year. For these reasons, many areas of the world are choosing bamboo over hardwood as their primary building material.

Bamboo Dining Room


Greenington, esteemed makers of fine Bamboo furniture, have created an Asian Fusion masterpiece with their Azara Bedroom Furniture Collection.  This bedroom collection combines the deep rich grains of natural bamboo into a dual tone beauty.  Another gorgeous bedroom option crafted of Moso Bamboo is the Sienna Collection.  This contains a lighter finish and creates a transitional look and feel for your bedroom.    All Greenington furniture is hand-made of mature Moso bamboo, a simply gorgeous material that is stronger than Red Oak and glows with a rich, natural warmth.  

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Bamboo Dining Room Collections
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