Luxury in a Small Package: The Takuma Modern Bed

Posted on Apr 11, 2014

Takuma Platform Bed

How  “Beauty Comes in Small Packages” rings true with the simple aesthetic of the Takuma Bed, creating a peaceful environment for rest & enjoyment.

This isn’t your grandmother’s four-poster bed. The days of stuffy frames that require dust ruffles and a ladder to get onto them are thankfully over, and today’s bedroom styles are all about clean lines, saving space, and luxury in the form of chic simplicity.

At Haiku Designs, we specialize in furniture that’s eco-friendly and gives a nod to the spare beauty embodied by Japanese interiors. The Takuma is perfect for any size home, but particularly beloved for those in small spaces.

With no side rails, the Takuma is ideal for lofts and smaller apartments. It saves you space without skimping on quality or design. For those who want “green” and modern bedroom furniture, there’s nothing better than a platform bed.

“Horizontal height” of any room instantly opens up the space, which is why vaulted ceilings are so attractive, but you can also trick the eye into seeing more horizontal space by employing platform-style furnishings. The Asian aesthetic of Haiku Designs immediately opens up any room and allows more “white space” of wall and more natural light to flood the room.

Small and mighty

Space itself is a luxury. For those who are short of it, there’s a need to use it wisely. A low-profit platform such as the Takuma features an optional offset headboard, including a backrest, or you can go without to make the most of the wall space.

Solid wood slats provide prime support, and you can choose from Para or Rubber wood to customize your haven. Pedestal legs to support middle rails and an additional middle leg for added security ensures that your Takuma will provide you with comfortable, secure sleep for years.

Not an inch of space is wasted with this platform bed, designed so standard-sized mattresses (from queen to king) rest exactly on the frame. Of course, there’s a touch of excess platform for aesthetics, but only enough to hint at the understated style and not overpower the room.

However, if you prefer a statement piece, full-sized mattresses fit beautifully on the queen-sized Takuma frame. Customization is what makes your house a home, whether you live in a micro-loft in the city or a townhome in the suburbs.

Simply stunning

There’s great beauty in simplicity, and with the Takuma you’ll enjoy a versatile and elegant frame that will never go out of style. Your bedroom is supposed to be your Zen space, but that can be difficult with a behemoth of a bed that steals the show (and not in a good way).

The lines of the Takuma were created to inspire a sense of peace and quiet in any room, and that’s the best combination for a bedroom. Rest, relax, and enjoy a deep slumber surrounded by quality-crafted design.

Personalize your sacred space further by selecting from finishes that include Honey Oak, Walnut, or Natural. Shipping and assembling is made easy to ensure you enjoy a worry-free purchase. Plus, for those who prefer to complement their Takuma platform bed with other key pieces, the Raku nightstand and other stunning accessories are a beautiful accoutrement.

Having the right furnishings in place sets a great foundation for a good night’s sleep, but there’s even more you can do for quality REM.

Steps to improve your sleep

Many people aren’t as comfortable as they need (or deserve) to be when they sleep, and just like your body it starts with the frame. You need the right support in order to ensure everything is optimized.

Match your Takuma frame, which provides unprecedented support, with a quality mattress that’s selected by a professional to suit your body and needs. Not even a Takuma can change a lumpy mattress into a cloud, so remember that your frame and mattress should be well matched.

Next, ensure that your bedroom itself promotes peace, quiet, and a good night’s rest. If you’re battling an exterior disturbance such as a street lamp that lights up your bedroom 24/7, your body’s not going to be happy.

Investing in some blackout shades or heavy curtains provides the darkness you need to slip into dreamland. Fortunately, the height of a Takuma already puts you out of the “line of fire” so you’re not staring out the window directly, but a bright enough light can penetrate an entire room.

Sleep better tips


Spritzing some natural lavender oil onto the bed each night before resting your head is a great way to encourage sleep. Make sure the temperature in the room is to your liking and that you’ve removed any disturbances within your control.

In other words, avoid falling asleep in front of the TV and consider setting up a TV-free bedroom to play it safe. Your body can easily get riled up if you engage in stimulating activities such as video games, watching a movie, or eating right before bed; give yourself a couple hours of pure relaxation with no screen time in order to wind down.

It’s wise to get an annual physical to check for vitamin deficiencies (too little magnesium can lead to restless nights, for example), and also to check your body’s alignment. If you’ve spent too many years on an unsupportive bed frame, you might be due for some massage therapy, yoga sessions, or chiropractic attention.

Choosing a Takuma along with a quality mattress can be a great move in the right direction, but you may need to speed up the process or get a little help with some bodywork.

The benefits of beauty

Just like when you’re dating and choosing a life partner, it’s natural to be attracted to beauty. You’ll want to spend more quality time in the bedroom if you have a gorgeous Takuma bed than if you’re just getting by with a basic metal frame.

In a non-stop, rushed world, prioritize your rest and make sure your bedroom is serene. A welcoming environment is a great incentive for better rest, and that’s exactly what you deserve after a long day.

Don’t settle for anything less than sheer grace when it comes to your bedroom. It’s where you start and end each day. You deserve to adore it.


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