Dust-Mites & Why Mattress Protectors Matter

Posted on Sep 14, 2015


Recently I heard of a person who claimed to have a bad case of lice, but it turned out that she had an over-active case of dust-mites or body-mites. Yes, your bed is susceptible to a nearly ‘invisible’ creatures known as mites that live on human dander or flakes of skin. Most mattresses and beds eventually will harbor a population of these tiny creatures, and they are particularly drawn to synthetic foam mattresses.

In a normal situation they are usually kept to a minimum by washing your bedding regularly, but overtime their numbers can increase leading to a whole slew of problems including allergic reactions, itchy skin, and compromised immune systems. One solution is to replace ageing mattresses with a new more natural or organic sleeping solution that can naturally reduce dust mites and their related issues.

Another is to consider a mattress protector, which creates a barrier between you and the dust mites. Most mattress protectors can server very well in this situation, but most mattress protectors also are completely non-porous, almost like apiece of plastic stopping airflow and creating night sweets.



Haiku Designs Furniture and Natural Bedding Company offers a Sweet Dreams mattress protector which places a shield between the mattress and you, eliminating the ability of dust mites to get to you.  In addition, because of the unique blend of natural and synthetic materials the Sweet Dreams mattress protector also allows air to flow through the mattress protector, keeping the sleeping environment and that mattress protector fresh and wicking moisture away from the body.



What does this mean to you? It means a good and peaceful sleep with no dust mites, which is basically a very good thing.  It will keep dust mites from staking a claim on your bed and your body, and that also is a very good thing.


For more information about Mattress Protectors, Natural Bedding and Bedroom Furniture, please contact Haiku Designs in Boulder CO through our website at www.haikudesigns.com or come by our retail showroom. 


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