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Posted on Jan 20, 2017

Meditation Breathe is the path to life

finding peace through mindfulness meditation

    "Body, air, and mind
    the gust of a breeze, like breath 
    Mindfulness the prize" 

Mindfulness techniques have been around for a very long time. Buddhist monks first developed the practice about 2500 years ago, as a tool to attain enlightenment and inner harmony. Early mindfulness endeavors were designed to further spiritual and intellectual development and unlock human potential. 

Meditation is not complicated, but the skills needed to achieve a quiet mind require many hours of practice to master. There are a number of basic techniques, and if you find that mindfulness works for you, you may wish to consider taking classes at a yoga studio or meditation center. For now, focus on learning one method. Begin by meditating for 10-15 minutes every day, increasing to 30 minutes as you become more comfortable with the technique. Eventually, you may wish to meditate for an hour a day.  

the spiritual trinity of meditation

Meditation Breathe is the path to life

There are three main elements of this simple approach to mindfulness: body, breath, and thought. To center the body, set up a meditation space that will be conducive to concentration. Choose one corner of a room where you can sit quietly without being interrupted. Meditation mats are a perfect way to designate a specific area as your mindfulness space. You can also light candles, if you like, to be reminded of life's impermanence. Or you can decorate your space with photos and mementos reminding you of what is most important to you. Turn off your phone, and face away from distractions like TV screens or computer desks.  Although if you need to balance the harmony of your zen space take a look at some of our meditation furniture to help you begin your practice.

Begin by sitting comfortably. A meditation cushion is ideal for mindfulness practice. These are designed for sitting on, or for placing in the small of your back. The Zafu cushion is specifically constructed to help position your body into proper alignment. Rest your hands on your legs, with the palms facing upward ready to receive energy (you can also face your palms downward, if you need to feel more grounded.)

COntour in Walnut

Allow your eyes to rest where they will, but don't think about the objects in front of you. Begin to focus on the second aspect of meditation, breath. Breathe slowly and deeply, anyway that comes naturally to you. Focus on the journey of your breath: how the air enters your lungs, travels through your body, and is released. Don't try to control your breathing, just try to relax.

As you focus on breathing, you will notice that thoughts pop unbidden into your mind. You may have worrying or stressful thoughts, or you might simply be distracted by details of your environment. When you feel your thoughts becoming disordered, make note of the fact that you are thinking, then focus on your breath again. Your goal is not to completely empty your mind; your thoughts are a part of who you are. Acknowledge your thoughts, and return to your breathing. Be aware of yourself and how you exist in this moment.

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